10 Questions with Fiery Millennials

Today I’m hon­ored to appear on 1500days.com. Check it out and you’ll learn why I start­ed this, what my favorite board game is and what kind of alco­hol I like to drink.


Many, many thanks go to Carl for doing this! I feel so loved 🙂

10 Ques­tions with Fiery Mil­len­ni­als on 1500days.com

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2 thoughts on “10 Questions with Fiery Millennials

  1. Came over here from 1500 days site. Gwen, what a nice jour­ney you are on! I also saw your net worth update. How many 25 year olds have $80+K net worth? At you age, I was at half that lev­el and if my jour­ney is any guide, you will reach the dou­ble com­ma club in your mid 30s if you con­tin­ue to earn well, save a lot and invest well.
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