Monthly Spending Report: March 2015

I’m going to do a series of month­ly spend­ing reports, where­in (as one might guess) I will be expos­ing the nit­ty grit­ty details of my month­ly bud­get. I want to do this for sev­er­al rea­sons. One, to out­line that not spend­ing much isn’t ter­ri­bly dif­fi­cult, and two, to help you all hold me account­able to my promis­es. How … Read more

My Financial Background, Part 1

I’m not a bor­ing old bro­ker. I’m not a fee hun­gry finan­cial advi­sor. Nope. I’m just like you. Just a nor­mal (ok maybe not that nor­mal…) per­son going through the motions of life. EARLY CHILDHOOD I grew up pret­ty poor. My par­ents divorced when I was 2, so my mom was faced with the chal­lenge of rais­ing 3 girls (aged 2–12) … Read more


Wel­come to my blog! If you are a mil­len­ni­al who hates the rat race, this is the place to be! I start­ed this to doc­u­ment my jour­ney to Finan­cial Inde­pen­dence. My goal is to help guide my fel­low mil­len­ni­als (that’s right, all you youn­gins out there. Yes, you.) along sim­i­lar paths to finan­cial free­dom. Mil­len­ni­als are … Read more