Why FI?

I start­ed my new posi­tion at work 2 weeks ago, and a con­ver­sa­tion I’ve had with many dif­fer­ent peo­ple usu­al­ly goes like this: “How long have you been work­ing here? What did you do in your last posi­tion? How long are you here with us? What do you want to do when you’re done with your starter … Read more

My Manifesto

I recent­ly had the plea­sure of meet­ing up with Sam Lust­garten, the author of the blog Frugaling.org. (Check out his site- he’s got real­ly great ideas on how to live fru­gal­ly!) We had a great con­ver­sa­tion that spanned many top­ics, from cur­rent read­ing choic­es to the strug­gles of start­ing a blog. One of the things he asked me … Read more

Rant n Rave: Moving, Identity Theft, and Minimalism

Rants: I was check­ing over my accounts in Mint when I noticed some­thing strange. Appar­ent­ly, I had appa­rat­ed to the East Coast and gone on a wild $10 shop­ping spree at Build a Bear. No joke. Some­one stole my cred­it card infor­ma­tion and bought $10 worth of mer­chan­dise from Build a Bear. It was painful­ly obvi­ous I hadn’t done any­thing of the … Read more

Monthly Spending Report: May 2015

The month of May has come and gone at light­ning speed. From start­ing out the month cel­e­brat­ing my best friend’s wed­ding to clos­ing it out by cram­ming all my stuff in a U-Haul, it’s been quite the month. The wed­ding went won­der­ful­ly, the dress­es were beau­ti­ful and the smiles abound­ed. I’m not sure I can talk so … Read more