Budgeting Part II: Details and Automation

It occurred to me the oth­er day that I didn’t real­ly explain how to bud­get in my post about The Basics of Bud­get­ing. Sure, I list­ed some real­ly great tools to help you get start­ed, but I just kind of left it at that. Track­ing your spend­ing is a fab­u­lous first step. You can­not cre­ate a real­is­tic bud­get with­out know­ing where … Read more

Rant n Rave: Different Lifestyles and Mega Milestones

Rants: I fre­quent the /r/financialindependence sub­red­dit pret­ty much every day. I love the com­mu­ni­ty and sense of cama­raderie that comes from oth­er peo­ple on the same weird track as me. It’s real­ly great to be able to com­mis­er­ate about for­get­ting your lunch or cel­e­brat­ing sav­ings mile­stones. But. (there’s always a but) I know of no real del­i­cate … Read more

Is There Such a Thing as Free?

We’ve all seen the ads. “Free Pan­do­ra ring!” “Bonus 40,000 miles!” “Free poster!” “Free WiFi!” But are they real­ly free? Now, look at those exam­ples above and look past the bold head­line to the small aster­isk and even small­er print. “Free Pan­do­ra ring!”* (when you buy jew­el­ry over $100) “Bonus 40,000 miles!”* (when you spend … Read more

Monthly Spending Report: June 2015

For me, June was a time of new begin­nings. I moved to a new apart­ment in a new town in a new state to start a new job. I’ve been busy set­tling in, try­ing to fig­ure out my way around town, and learn­ing tons of new infor­ma­tion at my job. Who knew there was so much to learn about data­bas­es and … Read more