I just made $15K

Yes­ter­day was a gloomy, gross day. It rained most of the day (tor­ren­tial down­pours inter­spersed with black skies), I was com­ing back to work from a 3 day week­end, and had attend­ed a con­cert the night before and was up far past my bed­time. But none of that mat­tered in the end. My cowork­er and I were dis­cussing var­i­ous rates … Read more

Challenge: Buy Nothing Month!

I’ve been want­i­ng to do one of these chal­lenges for awhile and nor­mal­ly only remem­ber halfway through the month. Well, it’s only halfway through the first week so it’s close enough! A Buy Noth­ing Month is exact­ly what it says: a month where you buy noth­ing. Now, I’m a real­ist. I know there will nev­er be a month where … Read more

Monthly Spending Report: July 2015

  Ahh July.….. heady days full of sun­shine, root beer floats, and splash­ing around in a pool. I tru­ly love sum­mer. I can’t stand being cold, so the days where the tem­per­a­tures don’t even dip down below 60 at night are like heav­en to me. I lay around, soak­ing up the sun like a lizard. I’d say like my cat, … Read more