Buy Nothing Month Results

My goal for the month of August was to spend as lit­tle as human­ly pos­si­ble on non-nec­es­sary items, and cut down on my nor­mal month spend­ing. How’d I do!? I did GREAT! I’m not say­ing there isn’t room for improve­ment, because there is, but over­all I’m thrilled with the results of my chal­lenge.   Check it … Read more

Monthly Spending Report: August 2015

  Hard to believe August is already over! It flew by in a flur­ry of sports, fun activ­i­ties and a vari­ety of oth­er events. The State Fair was in town, so I attend­ed a cou­ple of con­certs and ate more fat­ten­ing fair food than I should have. I went back home to vis­it with my fam­i­ly and friends for a long week­end. … Read more