Lessons from the Chautauqua

If I’ve learned one thing dur­ing my 25 years on this Earth, it’s that peo­ple are full of advice. Some of that advice is ter­ri­ble. Some isn’t real­ly applic­a­ble to your life. How­ev­er, oth­er tid­bits offered by peo­ple have the poten­tial to change your entire life. That was the case at the Chau­tauqua last week. There … Read more

Chautauqua 2015: An FI Haven in Ecuador

Wow. What a week! I’m not sure how mere words can cap­ture how incred­i­ble the week was, but I’m going to give it a shot! First, let’s talk about the sur­round­ings. Ecuador is a gor­geous coun­try full of fas­ci­nat­ing things to see around every turn (and in the moun­tains, there’s a LOT of turns to be made). We saw … Read more

Rant n Rave: Hello Ecuador!

Rant: The only rant I can think of at this point is the mar­ket is inhibit­ing progress on my net worth goals. I’ve basi­cal­ly been flat for the last 2 months. Kind of dis­heart­en­ing, but I know I’ll see gains in the future when the mar­ket rebounds! Rave: After months of eager (and some­what impa­tient) wait­ing, the time … Read more

FI and Frugality

Finan­cial Inde­pen­dence and Fru­gal­i­ty often go hand in hand with one anoth­er. All one has to do is search Google and tons of fru­gal­i­ty blogs will pop up. A few of my favorites include Fru­gal­woods, Frugaling.org and Fru­gal­Rules. Let me be clear: I’m not bash­ing being fru­gal. I think it’s a great thing to incor­po­rate into your lifestyle. … Read more

Monthly Spending Report: September 2015

  Some­one wake up Bil­ly Joel! Sep­tem­ber is def­i­nite­ly over now. The weath­er is start­ing to cool off (low­er util­i­ty bills yay!) and pump­kin fla­vored every­thing is pop­ping up all over the place. This month was full of fun activ­i­ties, which includ­ed things like the start of the fall soc­cer sea­son and get­ting a crash course … Read more