Z is for Zoning

As I’ve men­tioned once or twice before, I’m in the process of buy­ing my first mul­ti-fam­i­­ly prop­er­ty to start my real estate invest­ment port­fo­lio. I had hoped to have a post say­ing I bought a house! but alas, it is not meant to be yet. As part of the offer I made to the sell­er, I spec­i­fied the duplex had to … Read more

The House Hunt Continues

This whole house hunt­ing expe­ri­ence has been inter­est­ing and kind of bor­ing at the same time. Inter­est­ing, in that I’m learn­ing new things about the real estate world (and myself) through­out this process, and bor­ing because a good chunk of my time has been spent in the hur­ry up and wait stage. I’ve com­piled a list of … Read more

The House Hunt Begins!

After return­ing from the Chau­tauqua where I talked at length to Paula, I declared I was going to buy a mul­ti-fam­i­­ly prop­er­ty to rent out and kick­start my pas­sive income stream. That time is now! I’ve spent the last sev­er­al months read­ing up on what seems like every blog post ever writ­ten about rent­ing out mul­ti-fam­i­­ly prop­er­ties, how to … Read more

Rant and Rave: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Rant: I hate the cold. HATE IT. As a very petite lady, I seem to suf­fer from cold more than every­one else. Any time the weath­er dips below 50 degrees F out­side, I can be found hud­dled in a hood­ie under mul­ti­ple lay­ers of blan­kets. Last week­end, the weath­er got up into the 50’s. Peo­ple were out wash­ing their cars, … Read more

Monthly Spending Report: January 2016

Jan­u­ary was a nice, calm month. It was great to get a chance to step back and recov­er from the crazi­ness of the hol­i­days, although I did take part in a num­ber of events and activ­i­ties. I start­ed to play dodge­ball every Wednes­day (cheap, fun, and great exer­cise!) which has led me to meet­ing a num­ber of new peo­ple. I also had … Read more