A Year Without Cable

A year ago, I can­celed the cable por­tion of my media bill. I was FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! I was so hap­py, I could’ve flown away. Actu­al­ly, it kind of made me mis­er­able for awhile. I called them up with the inten­tion of them extend­ing my 12 month pro­mo price, which they stal­wort­ly refused to do. The best they could offer … Read more

Ding Dong the Duplex Deal is Dead

I’m some­what sad­dened to report my offer for the duplex has been can­celled.  Thanks to the zon­ing issue, my dreams of own­ing a mul­ti-fam­i­­ly rental prop­er­ty have been delayed by quite a bit. The sell­er exhaust­ed all of her avail­able avenues and wasn’t will­ing to fight the board to get the prop­er­ty zoned to mul­ti-fam­i­­ly. Nor was … Read more

Rant N Rave: Noisy Neighbors and A Raise

Rant Today’s rant comes to you cour­tesy of my love­ly neigh­bors below me. I’ve lived in this apart­ment for almost an entire year, and for the most part it’s been pret­ty good. Maybe some­one has a dog that JUST WON’T SHUT UP, or some­one else is a ter­ri­ble cook and can’t fig­ure out how to silence their … Read more

Happy One Year, FieryMillennials!

One year ago today, I began a bold new adven­ture. An adven­ture along the lines of Sam and Frodo’s jour­ney to destroy the ring, or The Illi­ad. Blog­ging. Yep. I equat­ed blog­ging to Lord of the Rings, and I regret noth­ing. Because, it actu­al­ly has been a jour­ney. I look back at every­thing I’ve writ­ten and am filled with a curi­ous mix­ture … Read more

Au Revoir, Amazon

The time has come for me to bid a fond adieu to everyone’s favorite online shop­ping des­ti­na­tion. April is going to be a fair­ly expen­sive month, so every pen­ny I spend will be get­ting scru­ti­nized to with­in an nth degree.  If I can cut back on my spend­ing, I’m going to do it. I looked over April 2015 spend­ing and was … Read more

Monthly Status Report: February 2016

Quick note: Astute read­ers may notice a change in this report. Mint is act­ing up again, so I’ve decid­ed to switch from show­ing updates from it to updates from my spread­sheet. Much more reli­able, even if it is a bit more work. I also decid­ed to show a more com­plete snap­shot of my finances and include my income and … Read more