House Update: 3 Mos

Seems like time flies when you’re hav­ing fun, and also when you’re NOT hav­ing fun. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a home­own­er for 3 months already! Actu­al­ly, based off all the mild­­ly-hor­ri­­fy­ing-but-yet-also-enter­­tain­ing sto­ries from the neigh­bors, my teeth grind­ing issue mak­ing a reap­pear­ance, the num­ber of new grey hairs I’ve dis­cov­ered, and tight mus­cles I’ve expe­ri­enced.… the … Read more

Never Say Never

Nev­er is such a polar­iz­ing word. Why do we say we’ll nev­er do some­thing? “I’ll nev­er wear short socks.” “I’ll nev­er wear loos­er fit­ting cloth­ing.” “I’ll nev­er eat egg­plant.” I’ve said each of those things in the past. The fun­ny thing is, I’ve done each of those things and actu­al­ly enjoy them more than the alter­na­tives. … Read more

Financially Free?

This FIRE com­mu­ni­ty rocks, y’all. There are amaz­ing­ly smart blog­gers who write some real­ly deep arti­cles that real­ly make you stop, think, scratch your head, think some more, write a com­ment at 5 am, and then enjoy some more think­ing. Ms. Our Next Life is no excep­tion to this. She recent­ly post­ed an arti­cle on Why “Finan­cial … Read more

Monthly Status Report: April 2017

Hap­py May, friends! With the addi­tion of my month­ly rental line items, I am chang­ing the month­ly report for­mat. Please note I also have some affil­i­ate links in the posts now, as they help off­set the costs to keep this blog run­ning. Let me know how you like the changes in the com­ments! Why do I do a month­ly … Read more