Takin Care of Business: FinCon 2017 Recap

At last! Gwen writes her recap of Fin­Con 2017! I know you all were los­ing sleep all week wait­ing for it, so with­out fur­ther ado.… my recap! Now, I’m not going to get super into the details this year. It’s not going to be an epic 4500+ word post where I write about each per­son I met (cough … Read more

Chautauqua 2017: Lessons Learned

As pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed in my Chau­tauqua recap post, I had a real­ly amaz­ing time hang­ing out with new and old friends, tak­ing in the beau­ti­ful scenery, and learn­ing some pret­ty inter­est­ing things. I cov­ered the friends and scenery in the last post, so.….… time to talk about the lessons I learned! Les­son 1 Our host Cheryl gave a pre­sen­ta­tion on … Read more

Chautauqua 2017: A Breath of Fresh Air

I’ve recent­ly returned from the beau­ti­ful Ecuador where I spent a week in par­adise at the Chau­tauqua! For those of you who don’t know what a Chau­tauqua is, the orig­i­nal def­i­n­i­tion comes from the book Zen and the Art of Motor­cy­cle Main­te­nance: “…an old-time series of pop­u­lar talks intend­ed to edi­fy and enter­tain, improve the mind, and bring … Read more

Cultivating a Community

It’s no sur­prise to any­one that knows me that I absolute­ly love trav­el­ing to meet new peo­ple. Espe­cial­ly peo­ple in the FIRE com­mu­ni­ty. I’ve writ­ten reviews on my times at.…… Ecuador Chau­tauqua 2015 (bonus lessons learned post!) Camp Mus­tache Seat­tle 2016 Fin­Con 2016 Camp Mus­tache Flori­da 2017 Those are the major trips I’ve been on, but … Read more

Recap: Camp Mustache SE 2017

I’m not sure how many times I can say I’ve just come back from the Best. Week­end. Ever, but.….. once again.…. I JUST HAD THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. I start­ed off the week­end ear­ly with a night in Chica­go before I flew out Fri­day morn­ing. Miss Mazu­ma gra­cious­ly offered to let me crash on her couch for the … Read more