Rant N Rave: Conforming and Credit Cards

Rant: It’s been awhile since I’ve had a cou­ple of good top­ics to both Rant and Rave about. Today’s Rant is brought to you cour­tesy of the Fin­Con Face­book group I joined.  Let me pref­ace this: I’m very excit­ed to go to Fin­Con and I can­not wait to go learn a ton of real­ly great stuff and meet lots … Read more

Rant n Rave: Clown Cars and Responsibilities

Rave: To bor­row the term from Mr. Mon­ey Mus­tache, I’ve had some very minor things hap­pen with my clown car. I dri­ve a den­im blue 2005 Pon­ti­ac Vibe named Levi. He and I have been through a lot togeth­er! Count­less road­trips, scary weath­er, and tons of fun! How­ev­er.….. Levi is now 11 years old and start­ing to show his … Read more

Rant n Rave: PEOPLE CAN’T F(#@*&G WALK & Camp Mustache

Rant: I just came back from a love­ly week­end in St. Louis where I got to hang out with friends and watch the best base­ball team on Earth play (the Car­di­nals, just in case you were con­fused at all). A bit of back­ground: I’ve been a Car­di­nals fan since before I was aware of what base­ball was. I’m a 3rdRead more

Rant n Rave: Credit Edition

Today’s Rant n Rave theme is cred­it. There’s all kinds of cred­it avail­able in the world: cred­it cards, ser­vice cred­it.…. even cred­it earned in the kar­ma bank.  Things are a bit more ambigu­ous on the rant and rav­ing side, because I have rants and raves about both cred­it cards and ser­vice cred­its, the top­ics de jour. Cred­it Cards … Read more

Rant N Rave: Noisy Neighbors and A Raise

Rant Today’s rant comes to you cour­tesy of my love­ly neigh­bors below me. I’ve lived in this apart­ment for almost an entire year, and for the most part it’s been pret­ty good. Maybe some­one has a dog that JUST WON’T SHUT UP, or some­one else is a ter­ri­ble cook and can’t fig­ure out how to silence their … Read more

Rant and Rave: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Rant: I hate the cold. HATE IT. As a very petite lady, I seem to suf­fer from cold more than every­one else. Any time the weath­er dips below 50 degrees F out­side, I can be found hud­dled in a hood­ie under mul­ti­ple lay­ers of blan­kets. Last week­end, the weath­er got up into the 50’s. Peo­ple were out wash­ing their cars, … Read more

Rant n Rave: Hello Ecuador!

Rant: The only rant I can think of at this point is the mar­ket is inhibit­ing progress on my net worth goals. I’ve basi­cal­ly been flat for the last 2 months. Kind of dis­heart­en­ing, but I know I’ll see gains in the future when the mar­ket rebounds! Rave: After months of eager (and some­what impa­tient) wait­ing, the time … Read more

Rant n Rave: Different Lifestyles and Mega Milestones

Rants: I fre­quent the /r/financialindependence sub­red­dit pret­ty much every day. I love the com­mu­ni­ty and sense of cama­raderie that comes from oth­er peo­ple on the same weird track as me. It’s real­ly great to be able to com­mis­er­ate about for­get­ting your lunch or cel­e­brat­ing sav­ings mile­stones. But. (there’s always a but) I know of no real del­i­cate … Read more

Rant n Rave: Moving, Identity Theft, and Minimalism

Rants: I was check­ing over my accounts in Mint when I noticed some­thing strange. Appar­ent­ly, I had appa­rat­ed to the East Coast and gone on a wild $10 shop­ping spree at Build a Bear. No joke. Some­one stole my cred­it card infor­ma­tion and bought $10 worth of mer­chan­dise from Build a Bear. It was painful­ly obvi­ous I hadn’t done any­thing of the … Read more

Rant and Rave 2: Freaking Food

Rant: Hi my name is Gwen and I have a prob­lem with food. Not like the tra­di­tion­al prob­lems of eat­ing too much or too lit­tle, or even the prob­lem of eat­ing bad stuff. (Although I could prob­a­bly stand to eat less sug­ar.) No, my prob­lem is not mak­ing my own. I ate out WAY too much last week, and … Read more