9 Month Rental Update

I’ve now been a land­lord for 8 months, 4 days, and 23 hours.* I nev­er would have imag­ined learn­ing so much about myself, oth­er peo­ple, and how the world oper­ates in just a few months, but I’ve crammed what feels like a life­time of knowl­edge into that time frame. Neigh­bor inter­ac­tions I was a bit hard on my neigh­bor­hood when I moved … Read more

From Bad-Ass to.….. Bad

As chron­i­cled in my 3 Month Update and Bugs, Thugs, and Hugs posts, I had some work done on my house this sum­mer. Notice I didn’t say any­thing about the qual­i­ty of the work. I delib­er­ate­ly left that descrip­tor out as it turns out my con­trac­tor was clos­er to the “should nev­er be allowed to work on a home … Read more

House Update: 3 Mos

Seems like time flies when you’re hav­ing fun, and also when you’re NOT hav­ing fun. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a home­own­er for 3 months already! Actu­al­ly, based off all the mild­­ly-hor­ri­­fy­ing-but-yet-also-enter­­tain­ing sto­ries from the neigh­bors, my teeth grind­ing issue mak­ing a reap­pear­ance, the num­ber of new grey hairs I’ve dis­cov­ered, and tight mus­cles I’ve expe­ri­enced.… the … Read more

Rental Property #1

Well every­body, it’s offi­cial. I am a home­own­er! Per­haps more impor­tant­ly in this con­text, I’m also now a land­lord! “Ok Gwen, that’s cool, BUT SHARE THE DETAILS! WEVE BEEN TEASED ENOUGH!!” Alright, alright, alright. Here’s the num­bers and infor­ma­tion on my very first rental prop­er­ty! Stats: Triplex Unit #1: 1 bed­room, 1 bath Unit #2: 1 bed­room, 1 bath Unit #3: stu­dio, … Read more

House Hunt: Round 2

A lot has changed in the last year! Many of you are new read­ers since then (super hap­py you’re here!), so you might not know I attempt­ed to buy a mul­ti-fam­i­­ly rental prop­er­ty about this time last year. For­tu­nate­ly, I doc­u­ment­ed the entire saga so you can quick go back and refresh what hap­pened to me last time … Read more

Housing Dilemma

Now that I have per­ma­nent­ly moved to my new city, it’s time to start look­ing for a mul­ti-fam­i­­ly rental prop­er­ty to buy! I am deter­mined to suc­ceed this time after I failed to buy a prop­er­ty in my old city ear­li­er in 2016. I love only pay­ing $400 in rent to live in my friend’s base­ment, but I’d much rather … Read more

House Hunt Update: Shelving the Search

The time has come. I’m hang­ing up my house hunt­ing hat for now 🙁 I don’t want to stop look­ing. Men­tal­ly, emo­tion­al­ly, mon­e­tar­i­ly: I’m ready to buy a prop­er­ty. The prob­lem lies with the mar­ket in my area. There have been very few hous­es com­ing up for sale, and the ones that have come up are … Read more

Ding Dong the Duplex Deal is Dead

I’m some­what sad­dened to report my offer for the duplex has been can­celled.  Thanks to the zon­ing issue, my dreams of own­ing a mul­ti-fam­i­­ly rental prop­er­ty have been delayed by quite a bit. The sell­er exhaust­ed all of her avail­able avenues and wasn’t will­ing to fight the board to get the prop­er­ty zoned to mul­ti-fam­i­­ly. Nor was … Read more

Z is for Zoning

As I’ve men­tioned once or twice before, I’m in the process of buy­ing my first mul­ti-fam­i­­ly prop­er­ty to start my real estate invest­ment port­fo­lio. I had hoped to have a post say­ing I bought a house! but alas, it is not meant to be yet. As part of the offer I made to the sell­er, I spec­i­fied the duplex had to … Read more

The House Hunt Continues

This whole house hunt­ing expe­ri­ence has been inter­est­ing and kind of bor­ing at the same time. Inter­est­ing, in that I’m learn­ing new things about the real estate world (and myself) through­out this process, and bor­ing because a good chunk of my time has been spent in the hur­ry up and wait stage. I’ve com­piled a list of … Read more