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Welcome to my blog! My name is Gwen, and I’m a proud 25 year old Millennial saving for early retirement and financial independence. I first stumbled across the concept of FI while in college. There I was, hanging out in my dorm room one day when I found my way to Mr. Money Mustache. I drank in the information he had written like a sponge.

But, there wasn’t much I could do when I didn’t have a career, so I filed away the information for when I got my first “big girl” job and could utilize it. That time came a few short weeks after I graduated and started working. I was used to having all this free time to do whatever I wanted, and then I got plopped into a cube to work on other people’s stuff. Suddenly, I didn’t have time to work on my hobbies. I promptly decided it wasn’t the life for me and started putting my FI knowledge to good use.

Since I’ve started my career, I’ve saved at least 50% of my salary. My goal is to retire by age 35 in 2025. Check out more information in My 10 Year Plan.

In My Manifesto, I detail why I started this blog. In a nutshell, I want to help other millennials realize there’s another option in life other than being tied to a cube for the next 30 years a la The Office or Office Space.

While not at work, I enjoy a variety of activities including, but not limited to: traveling, quilting, playing video games, gardening, knitting, cooking, exploring the vast world of Arduino, various sports and harassing my cat Bartholomew. I live in the Midwest.

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It’s completely awesome that you caught the FIRE bug so early in life! Imagine where you’ll be in a couple decades!?!?

    And Arduino! I’ve been wanting to hack on that for the longest time. I’ll satisfy my ownArduino ambitions in retirement.

    Iowa is wonderful! We get a kick hanging out in the state every summer at RAGBRAI.

    • Thanks for commenting! Hopefully in a couple decades I’ll be doing whatever I feel like doing! Whether that be programming fun Arduino projects or riding my bike and drinking lol The sky is the limit!

  2. Hello from another millennial pursuing ER! I went to Chautauqua the week after you and had an AMAZING time as well! I thought I was the youngest one on the trip but you have me beat! Good luck with your path to FI. Looks like you’re doing great!

  3. 35!?! That’s an awesome goal for FI! I am not as bold and am trying for it by 40…of course I’d like it to be sooner. Mr. Money Mustache is great! I found him after I found BudgetsAreSexy.


    • Thanks! We’ll see how it goes. Aim high and all that lol. I really hate working. 40 is still pretty early!

  4. I think it’s awesome that you are already thinking about early retirement. I wish I had made better choices when I was younger in order to set myself up for the possibility of ER. Right now, my current focus is on digging my way out of massive student loan debt. Who knows, maybe early retirement is still a possibility. It’s definitely appealing!

    • You can do it! Fortunately, I was able to graduate with no debt which gave me a huge leg up on the process.

  5. Hi Gwen!

    I found your blog through Paula’s podcast! 🙂

    Another Midwesterner here! After a looooot of years in school (almost done with my PhD), I’m working toward getting that “big girl” job… With the amount I’ll be paid (peanuts), I don’t think I have a shot at 50% savings, but I’m doing my best to work to save toward several goals, including FI (but also factoring in the costs of kiddos, eventually) and then RE around age 45/50. (Since I’m just a few years older than you, I think I’m not too far off base.)

    I’ve liked looking through your blog so far! I’ll probably be popping up in comments here and there.

    Until later!

    • Thanks Emily! Glad you dropped by! I wouldn’t worry about getting to a set amount of savings. Just do your best with what you’ve got and you’ll be golden. Congratulations on the PhD!

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