Au Revoir, Amazon

The time has come for me to bid a fond adieu to everyone’s favorite online shop­ping des­ti­na­tion.

April is going to be a fair­ly expen­sive month, so every pen­ny I spend will be get­ting scru­ti­nized to with­in an nth degree.  If I can cut back on my spend­ing, I’m going to do it.

I looked over April 2015 spend­ing and was slight­ly hor­ri­fied. Two things imme­di­ate­ly jumped off the page at me. One, what for­mat did I use for the spend­ing reports back then? And, two, holy crap was my spend­ing out­ra­geous! I did come in under bud­get on my nor­mal expens­es, but to spend twice that on oth­er stuff? YIKES! I’d like to avoid that this year. It should be fair­ly easy to do con­sid­er­ing I’m not pay­ing for the Ecuador trip this year and I don’t have to prep for a move and a new office cul­ture.

How­ev­er, I will have some oth­er trav­el expens­es pop up. At the end of the month, I’ll be spend­ing a few days in Oma­ha with Mr. 1500 and the cou­ple behind the Plant­i­ng Our Pen­nies blog at the Berk­shire Hath­away Annu­al Investors Meet­ing. We’re going to have a few drinks, run a 5k and I’ll need to grab a hotel room for Sat­ur­day night. Not to men­tion I’ll need to dri­ve there. I will also need to pay for my flight to Seat­tle so I can attend Camp Mus­tache. The best time to buy tick­ets is 42 days ahead of the flight, which puts me solid­ly in April.

$99 is going to be rough­ly half the cost of the flight. That just so hap­pens to be the exact amount Ama­zon is going to charge me to con­tin­ue my Ama­zon Prime mem­ber­ship. I just can’t real­ly jus­ti­fy pay­ing for it any­more when I bare­ly use it. How do I know I bare­ly use it? Why, with a spread­sheet, of course!

One of my Twit­ter fol­low­ers direct­ed me to a pret­ty cool fea­ture. Ama­zon offers a report for the orders you’ve put in for ‘X’ amount of time. I down­loaded a report for the last 12 months and start­ed look­ing over it.


I built my com­put­er from scratch last year and ordered most of my parts from Ama­zon. Free ship­ping on my heavy as com­put­er case? Yes please! This con­tributed to the vast major­i­ty of the stuff I bought. Since I’m not build­ing a com­put­er this year, I see no rea­son to keep it.

The oth­er non-com­put­er stuff I bought was me being lazy. Almost every­thing I bought could’ve been pur­chased at the local Tar­get. Espe­cial­ly as it’s a Super Tar­get and has way more stuff than a small­er Tar­get.

Why did I decide to buy it online instead? The sim­ple answer is.….… I’m lazy. All I had to do was open anoth­er tab, go to Ama­zon, search for the item I want­ed and boom! It was deliv­ered to my door rough­ly two days lat­er. Much bet­ter than sit­ting in a car for 5 min­utes and walk­ing through a super store. (obvi­ous­ly that’s not ter­ri­ble either, but I did say I was lazy.)

Now there’s a risk I’m tak­ing by get­ting rid of Ama­zon Prime. Say I do get this duplex.….…. I’ll need a whole vari­ety of items, from cur­tains to a shov­el to a lad­der. It would be a lot eas­i­er to keep my mem­ber­ship and just buy things as I dis­cov­er I need them. The prob­lem with that leads me to mind­less spend­ing. I want it, and a few clicks lat­er I get it. Not the best for some­one who’s try­ing not to spend a whole lot. By forc­ing myself to go to the store, I’ll force myself to think about what I’m buy­ing. Chances are high I’ll decide I actu­al­ly don’t need what­ev­er item I think I do and won’t buy it, there­by sav­ing myself mon­ey. Woo!

My mem­ber­ship doesn’t expire until next month, so I’ll be inter­est­ed to see how I man­age with­out it! Wish me luck!


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3 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Amazon

  1. $99 is kin­da a steep price for Ama­zon Prime imo. I’ve nev­er had it, but I do occa­sion­al­ly use my in-laws for occa­sion­al pur­chas­es (and to stream movies on my PS3 hehe). When you do get the duplex, you can still be lazy and order online. I high­ly rec­om­mend I bought our farm­house sink, our kitchen faucet, and our bath­room mir­ror from Over­stock. They have free ship­ping over $50, so keep that in mind. They fre­quent­ly (a lit­tle to fre­quent­ly…) send me coupons via email and for every pur­chase you earn cred­it for future pur­chas­es. I was able to use like $9 in cred­it for the faucet. Have fun on your upcom­ing trips!

  2. Ama­zon Prime is half the cost for stu­dents (or those with access to a .edu email address) so I luck out in that regard. I do use it quite fre­quent­ly.
    I also am a big fan of the sub­scrip­tion swap. Ama­zon Prime lets you hold 5 address­es in your account (that you can change at any time). So I may or may not let oth­ers use my account from time to time and I offer them use of my Net­flix or some­thing else in return.
    If you don’t care about pri­va­cy with the peo­ple you are shar­ing it with (there is no way that I know of for you to cre­ate a “pro­file” for your Ama­zon account, unlike Net­flix which lets you cre­ate sep­a­rate users), then it can be a good option.

    • Very fair points. I wish I still had my .edu address, but my alma mater doesn’t like to keep them going past our grad­u­a­tion. Lame!

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