These are in no particular order besides the one my brain spit out at me. I read all of these regularly and get a lot out of them. Hell, most of these inspired me to either start my own FI journey or start my own blog. Everyone I've met in person has been super nice and really helpful. Now…….. down the rabbit hole. See you when you emerge from Wonderland!

Mr. Money Mustache: do I really need to say anything about him? didn't think so

Mad Fientist: Great for articles on taxes and working remotely. Almost FI.

Afford Anything: Real Estate, optimizing life, and general hilarity.

Go Curry Cracker: FI, great for tax articles and traveling

JLCollinsNH: Investing!

Money Boss: J.D. Roth has a new blogging adventure. Also check out the old stuff on Get Rich Slowly.

Frugalwoods: Frugal extraordinaires! Now they live on a rural homestead in Vermont. Great for pictures of their adorable greyhound.

Root of Good: Retired at 33 with 3 kids. Good for a look at a “normal” FI life.

EvenSteven: Great for encouragement as he just recently became debt free! Lives in Chicago except when I'm visiting (hah!).

Mr. 1500: Almost FI. Great for articles on renovating and dinosaur pictures.

Income Surfer: Just finished an epic roadtrip! With a toddler and a dog, he's got my mad respect.

Tawcan: Great for thought provoking articles and dividend advice.

Millennial Boss: another young blogger like me! Great for advice on dealing with the workplace as we slog towards FI.

Our Next Life: Another thought provoking blog as they work towards FI.

Ditching the Grind: a dual military family living simply overseas as they work towards FI

Amber Tree Leaves: A Belgian blogger who got a late start on FI.

Wealthy Accountant: Really great tax advice! (and other stuff as he's been FI for awhile now)

Fervent Finance: another youngin! A high earner transplant to the Midwest for now.

The Frugal Vagabond: Great for articles on real estate from afar.

Retire by Forty: A stay at home dad who is FI. Another great look at a “normal” FI life with some real estate sprinkled in.

Planting Our Pennies: A younger couple going for FI. I enjoy reading their updates!

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