Buy Nothing Month Results

My goal for the month of August was to spend as little as humanly possible on non-necessary items, and cut down on my normal month spending. How'd I do!?

I did GREAT! I'm not saying there isn't room for improvement, because there is, but overall I'm thrilled with the results of my challenge.



Check it out! I spent $1000 less than I did the previous month, and I halved my spending from May! (to be fair, I moved in May and had a lot of moving related expenses that I was later reimbursed for). Seeing that graph continue to go down is very gratifying to me, and provides motivation for me to keep up the good work.

I'm glad I was doing the buy nothing month. I had a few things pop up that I needed to address, like an oil change, fees for various activities, and costs associated with medical costs for me and the cat. All told, I spent just shy of $400 on my non-fixed costs. If I had been spending like I did in the previous months, I would've been over budget instead of under budget.

Analyzing my spending has helped me realize my priorities. I've discovered I'm not much for purchasing stuff. The occasional book or video game nonwithstanding, most of the money I spend is doing something with people. Whether that be paying to join a soccer or softball league, paying yearly dues to the local quilt guild, withdrawing cash to spend at the fair or having a night out on the town, I'll happily pay it. Stuff like that gets me out of my comfort zone and interacting with new people. Nights like that form memories I'll treasure more than having a Blu-Ray set of the newest Marvel Movies.

The future is murky for me. I'm guaranteed a job until December 2016 at my current company. I have no idea what I'll do after that. I do love working for my employer, but they're not exactly located in the best cities for young, single women. If I could find a position that had at least equal pay in a better location (or even better, a remote position that would allow me to live wherever I wanted!!), I'd probably take it.

Of course, who knows. I could find the man of my dreams and settle here and never leave. In which case, we'd combine households, so the less extra stuff I have hanging around the better!

Back to the spending challenge though. My fixed expenses stayed relatively the same. Money spent on food went down, utilities went down slightly, and internet switched to being paid on the first, so it wasn't accounted for in August. I'm happy food went down. It's been an area I've struggled, although… since I started really tracking that category, I've cut it down by almost $200, so that's a huge win in my book.

So, dear Readers, I challenge you to do a Buy Nothing Month. Who knows what you'll discover about yourself when you do!

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