Career Update 2

After a long, stressful, suspenseful week at work, I finally got a call late Thursday afternoon.



^Very much what I looked like at my desk after I got the call.

The Deets

I will be moving one step up the ladder! My new job will be taking care of the IT needs for the top executives in the company, their admin assistants, and the Public Affairs office which is about 100 people all told. My career timeline might be shorter than most, but it's still a very good step for me.

I don't know quite when I start my new position yet. My soon-to-be-former manager is out of the office on vacation this week, so I have to wait for his go ahead before I get to set a firm date. I have to start it by January 1st, as that's when my current position ends. I have to start it by December 17th, as that's when my lease ends. I'm aiming to start the new job December 5th, but that's based on me finding a place to live, signing the papers, and getting my stuff moved. I don't really care if all my stuff doesn't get moved by the 5th. I can live out of a suitcase and sleep on an air mattress until the movers do their magic.

My new job will be like coming home. My very first position with the company was as an intern at the Headquarters building. I will be going back to the same manager, which just goes to show how very important networking and maintaining relationships in the company is to your career. I knew I wanted to come back to this career field, so I made it a point to stop in and say hi when I was in the area, sent Merry Christmas emails every year, and just generally stayed in touch. This paid off in spades! I was the first person to hear about new job openings on their team.

I got incredibly lucky with this job. MegaCorp is going through a bit of a tumultuous time – layoffs, reorgs, and voluntary separation packages. The only reason this job got posted immediately, instead of waiting until the rest of the jobs went up, is due to the critical nature of the team. It's a 3 person team, and 2 of the spots would've been vacant.

This came at the perfect time for multiple reasons. My rent went up 60% when my lease ended and I went month to month (so ridiculous). My soon-to-be-former teammates are becoming toxic to be around. A few of them are ok, but the rest do NOT like me. I'm not quite sure why, as I'm always perfectly friendly and actually go out of my way not to irritate them. The depth of her dislike was revealed earlier in the week when another coworker clued me into some drama she was trying to start. I've known for quite some time she talks about me behind my back, but I didn't really care until now. The only reason I cared is because she said I was a terrible worker that should be fired instead of given a raise and a new job. If she knew who I was interviewing with, she would've called them and told them not to hire me. I'm not a fan of people trying to sabotage my career. So, I reported her to HR and am letting them take care of it. Her threats are useless and baseless (and actually make her look super petty and bad), but if she's willing to go to such lengths for me you can bet she's doing the same to other people. Not a great environment to be in every day!

The other reason I'm excited is due to the timing. My new job goes into effect December 1st. Bonuses come out December 15th. Since I am now one step higher on the ladder, my bonus will be accordingly higher! I will delve more into the financial aspect of this in another post so I can go into more detail, but I'm pretty confident this will be a nice chunk of change to use as a down payment for a rental property.  Who doesn't love more money!?!

What's Next

For the foreseeable future, my focus will be on finding a place to live, navigating the holiday season, finding my footing and trying to get up to speed as quickly as possible. After the first of the year I plan on starting the hunt for a new rental property. I am fortunate my new/old town has a lot of multifamily properties, unlike my current city. I will also have to utilize my down time better, as this new job will not be a strictly 9-5, 40 hours per week kind of deal. I am used to working on this blog at work during my down time and I know I will have much less of that (if any at all).

All in all, I am very much looking forward to this position as I'll be surrounded by friends, closer to family, and doing work I love. What more could I ask for?

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30 thoughts on “Career Update 2

  1. Love the Always Sunny gif! And lucky timing on the bonus!

    I’m also glad you get to get away from toxic coworkers. That shiz is just not worth being around, and it’s great that you’re getting paid even more to get away from it.

    • I realllllllyyyyyyy want to rub it in her face but there’s literally no point so I’ll let it go. I’ll just content myself with the knowledge that my new and improved life will irritate her even more 😀

  2. Yay yay yay! I am so happy that you got the job! It just goes to show that good things happen when you stick to your guns and do hard work. 🙂

    Geez, I’m sorry to hear about that coworker. What a witch. Some people don’t have better things to do. At least you’re getting away from a bad team and moving up the ladder. 🙂

    Keep us posted as you get settled! Hopefully the rent will be more affordable at your next place.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…Guest Post: 6 Great Ideas on How to Cut Back on Your Food CostsMy Profile

    • Thanks Mrs. Picky Pincher! Ideally I’ll find a new place tomorrow, but I’m aware that’s the best case scenario lol. I will for sure keep all of you updated!

  3. Congratulations, this is awesome news. Its nice that things are about to settle down and you can pursue the rental property angle again.

      • But roommates can speed up time to FIRE! Ha.

        I’ve very pleased to not have reached the stage of being “over roommates”. It has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in (non-)expenses in recent years. 😉

        When I briefly lived alone, I got pretty lonely though. Some roommates have definitely been better than others. 😀
        TJ recently posted…Why Isn’t Productivity Personal?My Profile

        • Not everything is about optimizing time to FIRE. I place a high value on being able to wear my birthday suit whenever I want! 😀

  4. Oh wow, congratulations!! That sounds perfect for you. To be honest, the only people who have ever disliked me are those who are weirdly jealous of me. Not saying that in a big headed way, just something that happens to everyone lol. Before you think loads of people dislike me I can narrow it down to like…3 people in my lifetime. That I know of haha. 2 of them ex co-workers who were incredibly jealous – one being my boss.
    Literally because our clients and colleagues loved me but hated her. One of the managers of another office banned his workers from speaking to her. She tried to make my life hell! It was ridiculous. After I left she said that it looked like I was really good at my job, but I was just faking it. How nuts is that?!
    Anyway,the point of that bit of rant (!) was to say I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong – some people just dislike others because they wish that they could be them.
    Francesca – From Pennies to Pounds recently posted…Flea Market Flipping – Earn Extra Money Buying Low And Selling HighMy Profile

    • YES. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am basically everything she’s not. At the beginning of my (promising) career, skinny, young, single, childfree, and able to do basically whatever I want. Pretty sure that’s at the root of her dislike. I will be here for maybe two more weeks, and I will continue to just ignore her existence. Working out great so far!

  5. Congrats! Definitely sounds like a great win for you. Getting out of that toxic environment (i can’t believe that co-worker!) and also from a financial perspective, I couldn’t imagine it going any better for you. You’ll have a lot to celebrate this holiday season!
    The Green Swan recently posted…Money Mistakes By DecadeMy Profile

    • Thanks Fritz! I’m looking forward to lower expenses and higher income! (And meeting all the executives. So cool!)

  6. I’m so happy for you! Knew you would get it! (So there, that blazer WAS worth it!)

    I’m sorry to hear that you have such toxic people in your life, but at least that part will be over soon and HR will take care of the rest. Roommates are the worst, so rare that it actually works out well. I’ve given up on roommates really. I don’t care how much cheaper it makes a place. But then again, I’m also lucky to be partnered up already.

    Busy season is coming up but now you have some positive news to go with it!

  7. I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much negativity! I feel bad for people like your coworker who lash out at others because they’re insecure themselves. Sounds like your new role is going to be awesome and so happy for you!

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