Career Update: Hurry Up and Wait

Warming a stroopwafel on my mug from Ecuador

The last two weeks at work have all followed an eerily similar pattern:

  • Get into work
  • Make breakfast (instant oatmeal and tea)
  • Attend daily standup meeting
  • Make another cup of tea
  • Write blog posts/Twitter/Reddit
  • Play bags
  • More internet
  • Eat lunch
  • More internet
  • Chat with coworkers
  • More internet
  • Leave work

I'm not saying I'm bored, but I am saying I have a lot of free time during the day. If you've noticed me being a lot more engaged and responsive on Twitter, this would be why.

I came back from vacation to find my (admittedly small amount of) work had been parceled out through the entire team. My job is now to find a new job.

Which would be great, if there were any new jobs being posted to the internal job board. HR still has everything frozen, so nobody can do anything.

However………….. I unexpectedly got some good news on Thursday! My manager and I were having a brief chat since he missed our bi-weekly one on one meeting. He asked if I had heard anything, and I told him I hadn't heard diddly squat from HR. I said I didn't even know if I was on the list to interview for the position, and he assured me I was.

I appreciated the vote of confidence from him but it was a bit out of character for him. I asked him how he could be so certain. He told me “Oh, HR sent me a message saying you were on the list.” Nice to know they let him know before me. You know, the person who's actually the focus of this whole process.

I'm still thrilled! I made it past the first round of cuts! Woot woot!

Now I get to wait.

Wait for HR to contact me to schedule the interview.
Wait for the interview.
Wait to hear how the interview went.
Wait for my new and old manager to decide when my start date is.
Wait for the start date.

Jokes on MegaCorp though. I'm an expert at hurry up and wait thanks to 6 years with the Air Force. It doesn't mean I like it.

If/when I get the job, my start date will be before January. They have a strong incentive to get me good to go as fast as possible since the other lady on the team is retiring at the end of this month. I would like to start sooner rather than later as their division gets the two weeks off between Christmas and New Years' and mine current division doesn't.

There's also the rent. As of today, my rent jumped 60% to $1749 a month. Worst case scenario I pay the higher rent on my apartment for two months if I get the job. If I don't get this position, I feel bad about gambling and will probably move to a cheaper option somewhere in town for a few months until I figure out where I'm going. I'll worry about that when I get there though.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated when I move on to the next step! Thanks for all the happy thoughts and good luck wishes thus far!

UPDATE! Monday, November 7th 815a:

I have an interview! It's scheduled for this Thursday, November 10th at 330 pm. It was waiting for me this morning when I got into work and checked my email! YAY!!!

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21 thoughts on “Career Update: Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Waiting is the hardest part, right?

    Your day sounds pretty similar mine. People think I’m nuts for wanting to have a job where I’m more busy…who wouldn’t want to get paid to have time to play on the internet, right? But the day goes by slower and I want to feel more productive during work hours.

    Congrats on the firm interview date. That is super duper exciting!

    I actually started looking at some non-profit music operations/finance positions over the weekend and got a little excited about what’s out there, but I won’t let it bypass the upcoming fake-retired road trip opportunity. There will surely be more positions opening up next year. Knock on wood.
    TJ recently posted…Demystifying the Tax BracketsMy Profile

  2. I can’t wait to hear how the interview goes! I’ll be pulling for you to land that job!

    Yiiiikes sorry to hear about the rent. We had that happen at our last apartment transition. The rent was going up by $300/mo, so we moved to a cheaper area of town to save hundreds of dollars a month. You still have to put up with the costs of moving and living further away from your desired area, but it was worth it for us.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…What a Frugal Weekend!My Profile

    • Thanks Mrs. Picky Pincher! I appreciate the good vibes! I thought about moving but I didn’t want to have to upend my entire life twice in a short time span.

  3. No fair putting this big news in a post with a gluten-free stroopwafel, because normally I’d be all, “Yay, stroopwafel!” But instead I’m much, much happier to know you’ll be interviewing! (Poor stroopwafel.) 😉 I hope they hurry for real so you don’t have to deal with that big jump in rent. I’ll be sending you good vibes Thursday! xoxo
    Our Next Life recently posted…The Privilege of Retiring When We Want, How We Want // Three Case StudiesMy Profile

    • Haha sorry! I went to the one place in all of Amsterdam to get these stroopwafels! Totes worth it btw.

      I think I should know sometime late next week if I get it. Eeks!!

  4. There’s many days in my megacorp I can relate to your day-in-the-life. Then, you get on some project(s) from hell, and no time to pee. This is part of why I’m on a mission to bust out.
    Good luck in your job situation, Gwen!

    • I’ve been in the slammed stage. Only good thing I cans at about that is the day goes by super quick! Thanks for the luck!

    • I’ve been in the slammed stage too. Only good thing I can say about that is the time moves by super quick. Thanks for the luck!

  5. Congrats. Hope you get the news sooner rather than later.

    I do have a question. I’m in a similar situation in terms of being bored. Only instead of mine lasting weeks, its been going on a year and a half now. Does it ever make you just not want to be there? I dread getting up in the morning because of this. Sorry for the off-topic.

    • Literally every single day. A piece of my soul dies when I get into the office. I cope by finding something else to do. I started this blog almost 2 years ago because I was bored. Learn a new language, read books – anything you can do to distract yourself from lack of work.

    • Thanks FF! I’m currently reading up on STAR responses and what scenarios I want to use. Gets me out of an all day meeting that has nothing to do with me though so I’m happy.

  6. Break a leg on Thursday! Break both (no, that really doesn’t have quite the same ring to it at all)!

    60% increase? WT-everloving-F.

    P.S. My sister is visiting and came bearing a pile of stroopwafels. I warmed one on my coffee this morning. And then ate another without warming it at all. Stroopwafels are evil, insidious creatures. I might have to eat another one just to be sure they learn their lesson.
    Mrs. BITA recently posted…How to Combine Chase Ultimate Rewards PointsMy Profile

    • Maybe I’ll just twist an ankle haha.

      Literally every single person I know has called it excessive (to put it mildly) but it’s not illegal. Woo.

      Yes. Stroopwafels are bad. You should give them to me so they don’t harm the quality of your life. I’m willing to sacrifice myself!

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