It is entirely possible some links are affiliate links. Fiery Millennials is a passion project for me that does have some costs associated with it (IT support, hosting fees, etc). I'm not trying to make a living off the blog, but having some of my costs offset helps me keep the lights on around here.

I'm a member of two main affiliate sites: Amazon and Google FI.

I like recommending products that I find useful in my day to day life and Amazon will pay me a cut for that, at no cost to you.

Google FI is an awesome cell phone provider that I am more than happy to recommend. The service is comparable to my experience at Verizon at 25 or 30% of the cost. If you sign up for Google FI using my link, I'll get $20 credit on my bill and so will you! Few things in life are better than getting money off your cell phone bill, in my opinion.


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