Earth Day 2015

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Happy Earth Day! It's a great reminder to sit back and think about our impact on Mother Earth. You might think, I'm one person, what can I do that will have an impact? As one person, honestly, not a whole lot.  BUT. When we all do a little bit, the impact multiplies into something amazing! In just a few short minutes of brainstorming, I've come up with several ideas for inside and outside the house:


With just a few short seconds of effort, you can recycle and help the Earth. It helps reduce our impact on our planet's resources as we reuse the materials, not to mention the reduction in schtuff going to the landfill.


I think we can all agree that things like bleach and Scrubbing Bubbles aren't the best for the environment. Instead, look into cleaning with vinegar mixtures, or products like Bar Keeper's Friend (budget friendly too!). If you'd like to open a (figurative) can of worms, you can always see if one of your friends on Facebook has been sucked into, I mean sells Shaklee products. They're effective and Earth friendly, but slightly more expensive.


Instead of giving money to Monsanto for a container of Roundup, try making your own weedkiller. I also recommend starting a compost heap to get rid of your food scraps and provide really great dirt. If you'd like to go really extreme, consider getting rid of your gas lawnmower and using a pushmower! I used one as a kid to cut the grass, and while I hated it then, I'd be much more likely to use it now.


Hopefully you don't live to far from work so all of this is a moot point. If it's practical, try taking public transit or carpooling. I hear bigger cities usually have better transit options. I don't know about that, as I've lived in small Midwestern towns my entire life. If you can't carpool or take the bus/train/tram/ferry, consider riding your bike! I've done it a couple of times here, but will be doing it much more often when I relocate for work and don't have to court death on a daily basis (people in my town can't drive and I've seriously almost died a few times). Not only will you reduce congestion, you'll also reduce the amount of fuel being used and exhaust being belched back into the air. I consider that a win for everyone!


How are you observing Earth Day this year?

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