Giving Thanks 2016

source: Warner Bros
source: Warner Bros

It's not often we're given a reason to pause, step back, and think about all the great things in our life. I love Thanksgiving for exactly this reason (although all the amazing food and tryptophan coma are up there as well. Green bean casserole get in ma bellay!).

If you're anything like me, you take all the great stuff in your life for granted and focus on all the things that go wrong or didn't go your way.

"My coworker is awful."
"My family is getting all up in my business."
"I had to replace my headlight in my car AGAIN."
"He broke up with me and I don't know why."
"I didn't get the new mini-NES because they sold out almost instantly!"

I recently had a conversation with a guy who had taken some punches from life and was down on his luck. $3k in debt (most to a title loan company) and he was living illegally in a storage unit because he couldn't save up enough for a deposit and first month's rent. I routinely put that much on a credit card that I can pay off easily each month. That conversation was a turning point in how I viewed my life. As compared to what seems like the vast majority of people, my life is incredibly amazing and easy. Is it perfect? No. But - I'm happy, healthy, warm, well fed, with a loving family, a fantastic network of friends, an adorable kitty cat, a great paying job, and money in the bank.

I have a wonderful life, and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

What are you giving thanks for this year?

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11 thoughts on “Giving Thanks 2016

  1. “I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. -Woody Allen”
    – Ellie

    But really, we in the FIRE world do have an incredible amount to be grateful for, and I’m glad that this week we put aside a day to think about that. I’m especially grateful this year for my new husband (two month anniversary!) and having a companion to walk through life with me!

    P.S. Hope you got that Office reference!

    • Yay! I feel so loved! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! (psst did you know Aldi has gluten free stuffing AND french fried onion toppings!?!)

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