Monthly Spending Report: May 2015

The month of May has come and gone at lightning speed. From starting out the month celebrating my best friend's wedding to closing it out by cramming all my stuff in a U-Haul, it's been quite the month. The wedding went wonderfully, the dresses were beautiful and the smiles abounded. I'm not sure I can talk so glowingly about my moving experience (lots of sweat, some pulled muscles and broken glassware), but the important part is it all made it over there and is in my new place. I'm counting my blessings for the amazing friends I had that helped me move and the awesome elevator my building has that fit everything from my queen size mattress to my extremely awkwardly shaped console table. And for unseasonably cool weather that made the move ten times better.

Why do I do a monthly spending report?

I find it best to do a monthly spending report for a few reasons. One, it helps me evaluate how I did the previous month. Did I hit a target reduction in spending or did I go way over budget for a particular category? Two, it helps keep me accountable. How can I make an extra purchase knowing I'll have to explain myself to all of you? Talk about awkward when the blogger can't walk the walk and talk the talk. Three, I want to prove this crazy thing called financial independence works! Fourth, it provides an example of real world budgeting and expenses. Some of the people I talk to haven't ever seen a proper budget or seen one put into action, and part of the purpose of this blog is to lead by example!

So, without further ado, I present my spending (for better or for worse) for May 2015.


Gas & FuelConsidering the amount of driving I did this month, $11 over is actually pretty decent. I'm just happy it wasn't more!
UtilitiesThey keep dropping! I love it! The weather is finally starting to warm up, so the heat is off for the summer. It's not warm enough for AC yet (especially since I love the heat), so my bills in the summer are typically the lowest of the year.
Food & DiningOW. I went WAY over. Part of the excess is moving my kitchen to the new place and not having any access to it, and part of is some laziness on my part :/
GymI only have one or two months of paying for my membership and then I will have access to TWO gyms for FREE! One through work and one through my new apartment complex (not to mention a pool!).
RentRent was high this month due to me carrying two places this month. Fortunately, my old landlord charged me a prorated amount for June and I'll be getting my deposit back from him, which will help immensely.
GiftMother's Day, birthdays, graduations…. May is a hard hitting month on my poor budget. On the bright side, my niece is so thrilled with a bed of her very own (bought for $45 off Craiglist), that she literally asks my sister to go to bed at night. She's too adorable. My mom was also thrilled with the new drill and bit set we bought her.
HomeMostly related to moving expenses. (I'm looking at you, U-Haul rental).
ActivitiesI went and saw a few movies this month. How could I stay away when there's a new Marvel movie out??
HairIn hindsight, this should've been categorized under gift since most of it was my gift of an updo for her wedding. My hair looked great though!
ShoppingRemember last month when I said I was done buying new clothes for awhile? Yeahhhh…. sometimes life throws curveballs in your face in the form of your friend not sharing expectations clearly. Emergency clothes shopping ensued. I now have another dress I don't need, but will in fact wear multiple times because it's pretty darn cute.
TravelMy second payment for my trip to Ecuador was due this month, and I also had to pay for a hotel for 2 nights for the wedding since it was way far out of town. However, I did share the room with one of the other bridesmaids, and as fate would have it we lived 4 blocks from each other so we carpooled down there!
CashI pulled money out of the ATM for various activities and for the weekly farmer's market.









I spent a total of $4648 this month! Holy moly. This has been one of my highest spending months this year. $1300 of that can be directly attributed to my move, so realistically I spent $3300, which is better but still rough. Thank goodness I got a relocation benefit from work to help offset the expenses. I'll also get reimbursed for some of the expenses I occurred as well, such as final mileage.

The next few months as I settle into the new place should allow me to cut back and get my spending to better levels. (Especially since I know very few people in the new area and won't be tempted to go out as much!) Here's to a better June!

What did your month look like? Did you stick to your budget?



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