Monthly Status Report: May 2016

Why do I do a monthly status report?

I find it best to do a month­ly sta­tus report for a few rea­sons.

  • It helps me eval­u­ate how I did the pre­vi­ous month. Did I hit a tar­get reduc­tion in spend­ing or did I go way over bud­get for a par­tic­u­lar cat­e­gory? Did I earn more? What was my over­all sav­ings rate?
  • It helps keep me account­able. How can I make an extra pur­chase know­ing I’ll have to explain myself to all of you? Talk about awk­ward when the blog­ger can’t walk the walk and talk the talk.
  • I want to prove this crazy thing called finan­cial inde­pen­dence works!
  • It pro­vides an exam­ple of real world bud­get­ing and expens­es. Some of the peo­ple I talk to haven’t ever seen a prop­er bud­get or seen one put into action, and part of the pur­pose of this blog is to lead by exam­ple!

I use Mint to help me track my spend­ing and keep an eye on my accounts. I also use a real­ly awe­some and super in-depth spread­sheet. So many for­mu­las….. Some peo­ple use Per­sonal Cap­i­tal and oth­ers use You Need a Bud­get (YNAB). What­ever tool (or com­bi­na­tion there­of) works best for you and your needs is the best one for you, since every­one and their bud­gets are dif­fer­ent.


The word that best describes this month is Trav­el! I start­ed out the month in Oma­ha for the Berk­shire Hath­away meet­ing, which (parts of) was tons of fun! I stayed close to home for the next two week­ends, and then hopped on a plane to hang out with my best friend from col­lege in St. Louis for the week­end. My local air­port added a direct flight to St. Louis, which meant trav­el­ing there was a breeze! (and South­west made it a super fun trip. They didn’t pay me to say that, btw.)

Then, this last week­end I FINALLY got to go to Seat­tle! I had an absolute blast at Camp Mus­tache. It was very dif­fer­ent from my expe­ri­ence at the Chau­tatuqua this fall, but a good dif­fer­ent! I got to see some famil­iar faces from Ecuador (Mr. Mon­ey Mus­tache, Paula Pant, her part­ner and sev­er­al oth­er atten­dees!), so that was very excit­ing. I also got to meet tons of new peo­ple! I real­ly enjoyed get­ting the chance to talk to every­one and learn their sto­ries. I’ll have a more detailed write­up of Camp Mus­tache lat­er, but just know for now that I had a great time.

Oth­er than that, I hung out at home, played sports and gen­er­al­ly just relaxed.

But I’ve segued far enough from the num­bers. With­out fur­ther ado, I present my spend­ing (for bet­ter or for worse) for May 2016.



RentStil­l­l­ll pay­ing rent. It’s actu­al­ly slight­ly high­er this month as I paid for access to my spare key fob. Don’t ask, I’ll get mad all over again.
Util­i­tiesUtil­ties were super low again this month. Prob­a­bly the last month for awhile now that it’s get­ting hot out :/
FoodMost of this could actu­al­ly be attrib­uted to trav­el.….
PhoneSo low. I love Project FI!
AutoA few longer dri­ves to Oma­ha and Min­neapo­lis made for more gas costs, and park­ing was ridicu­lous­ly expen­sive at the air­port.
Inter­netSame price as always.
Insur­anceHealth insur­ance is paid direct­ly from my pay­check, and the oth­ers are an aver­age from my 6 month pay­ment.
PetJust some more wet food and lit­ter for the fur­ball.
Sup­portI’ve start­ed sup­port­ing both of my sis­ters in var­i­ous ways.
MiscMost of this is med­i­cine from my facial bac­te­r­i­al infec­tion from Oma­ha. Bleargh.
Trav­elSig­nif­i­cant­ly low­er this month! One plane tick­et and an incred­i­bly expen­sive Über ride in Seat­tle.
Shop­pingBought some stuff on Ama­zon and some cloth­ing.
FeesNor­mal fees charged to my invest­ment accounts.
GiftsI’m par­tic­i­pat­ing in a bike ride for MS in June!


All told, my spend­ing totaled $3188.26 for May. Much much much much bet­ter than April! My total sav­ings rate for the month was 42.88%, which is almost 10% high­er than last month. My nec­es­sary bud­get was up a bit this month, but dis­cre­tionary spend­ing went down a lot. Go me!


Gross: $5,581.45

Adjust­ed: $3338

Tax­es: $1,180.32

A bit nor­mal than high­er thanks to some cred­it card rewards I cashed in!


401k: $2,091.60

Roth IRA: $450

HSA: $100.00

Total sav­ings: $2,641.60

I wish I had been able to save a bit more out­side my retire­ment accounts, but one month won’t derail my plans.

As of April 30th, my net worth sits at $97,068.98. I’m THIS CLOSE to hit­ting 100k!! THIS CLOSETELL YOU!

Accord­ing to the Lab over on Mad Fientist’s site, my FI date is now 9 years and 7 months away. I added two months to my time­line this month which is no beuno. For­tu­nate­ly, June looks like it’ll be a low­er spend month! Phew!


Thanks for read­ing! What did your month look like? Did you stick to your bud­get?


Dis­claimer: This post con­tains affil­i­ate links. They help off­set the costs of bring­ing you new and excit­ing con­tent!

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Status Report: May 2016

  1. Great job on your sav­ings!

    Real­ly look­ing for­ward to your Camp Mus­tache write­up. I think it’s so cool how you make it a point to attend events like this and the Chau­tauqua. Mov­ing for­ward, I’m going to make a con­cert­ed effort to meet up with folks in the PF com­mu­ni­ty. We were plan­ning on attend­ing Fin­Con in Sep­tem­ber, but our upcom­ing move to Eng­land detailed those plans. Maybe we’ll cross paths one day!

    • Thanks! I real­ly enjoy meet­ing every­one in the FI com­mu­ni­ty.

      I’m tak­ing a trip to Lon­don in Octo­ber! Maybe we can meet­up then 🙂

  2. For sure! We should be set­tled in by then. We’ll be liv­ing about 80 miles out­side of Lon­don, just north of Cam­bridge. I’m sure we can set some­thing up. Feel free to reach out as it gets clos­er to your trip!

  3. It was great meet­ing you at Camp Mus­tache. Very nice FI sta­tus write-up. This year’s halfway point will see you past that 100k NW mile­stone. I haven’t read many of your oth­er posts, but am curi­ous how you can con­tribute so much to your 401k. Are you front load­ing it as much as pos­si­ble to get it maxed out before year-end? Great job. You will make up that two months in no time.

    • The ~$2k I put in my 401(k) each month is $1500 of my mon­ey and $500 match, rough­ly. I have a pret­ty good match at Mega­Corp. Job sucks, but the ben­e­fits are good!

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