Rant n Rave: Moving, Identity Theft, and Minimalism


I was checking over my accounts in Mint when I noticed something strange. Apparently, I had apparated to the East Coast and gone on a wild $10 shopping spree at Build a Bear. No joke. Someone stole my credit card information and bought $10 worth of merchandise from Build a Bear. It was painfully obvious I hadn't done anything of the sort since I live around 1500 miles away from South Carolina. So, part of my afternoon was spent on the phone with my credit card company trying to figure out what happened, canceling my old card and figuring out where to send the new one.

I'm incredibly grateful to USAA for making this process as painless as possible. This is why I keep an eagle eye on my accounts, so I can verify all of my purchases as genuine (or not). In the next few days, I'll also log into one of my free credit reports and verify nothing else has been compromised. I'd hate to learn someone had opened a card in my name and be on the hook for whatever they bought. Constant vigilance is key! (Now I sound like Mad Eye Moody. Great haha).

so pri-tay
so pri-tay


This next topic is halfway between a rant and a rave, so it's going in the middle. I am SUPER incredibly excited about living in my new apartment. As you can see, it's a really nice place. Vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, A DISHWASHER!!!, 2 bathrooms and a huge pantry…. it's got everything I wanted and more. My furniture more or less matches now since I sold off some of my current furniture as well. It not only fits perfectly in my new place, but my building has an elevator that handled everything I put in it, to include my console table and my queen sized mattress.

That being said, not everything went 100% smoothly. The weather was cool and rainy, so some of my boxes got a bit wet while in the truck. I also had some furniture get a bit scuffed despite the moving blankets surrounding them. The single thing that made me most upset was all my fault, so I have only myself to blame. I was attempting to wheel the dolly off the truck and it tipped over on the ramp, dumping the boxes 3 ft to the sidewalk below. I was carrying the box with my cookware in it. My amazing set of original Visionware that I picked up for a steal of $25 at a garage sale. I had 8 pieces with matching lids, which goes for about $200 on eBay. Now, I only have 5 pieces left since my big glass skillet, my soup pot and my quart pot all broke. I also lost a bread loaf pan, but that wasn't Visionware so I wasn't quite as upset about that. I still have enough of them left for the basics of cooking, but I will need to go replacement shopping sooner rather than later.

Now that I'm all depressed again, lets get on to the good, happy stuff!


Most of my stuff has been packed up in boxes for the last 2 weeks, and I have another week to go before I can start to unpack. In my old place, I have an air mattress, my computer, some dishes, some clothes and some toiletries. That's it. My average happiness hasn't really gone down since I lost access to all my stuff. It got me to start thinking. What do I actually need to live my life? What makes me happy?

I'm very proud of my collection of books, movies, and craft equipment. I've spent a lot of time, energy, and money collecting all of them. But, I'm starting to realize I don't really NEED them like I thought I did. Am I a bit bored without my TV and video games? Sure. But I rarely play them throughout the week anyways.

I have a goal to do an expat assignment with work at some point in the future. When/if that time comes, it will be easier for me to get rid of a bunch of my unnecessary stuff rather than pay for a storage locker for it all. After all, it's just stuff.

How has your life been going? Do you have a rant or a rave to share?

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1 thought on “Rant n Rave: Moving, Identity Theft, and Minimalism

  1. Here from my post on Reddit where I asked everyone to recommend FI blogs.

    Congratulations on making it safely! That’s the most important thing.

    Things like identity theft and people breaking into my place are things I sort of always worry about in the back of my mind, but I think most of us just sort of compartmentalize it until it happens. And it happens to so many of us. Luckily, some of us have USAA (myself included) to help. They are amazing.

    As for your question, no rant or rave to share as of now. Just chugging along working and subscribing to some quality reads!

    Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂


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