Rant and Rave 2: Freaking Food


Hi my name is Gwen and I have a problem with food. Not like the traditional problems of eating too much or too little, or even the problem of eating bad stuff. (Although I could probably stand to eat less sugar.)

No, my problem is not making my own. I ate out WAY too much last week, and I'm not happy about it. A couple of movies, and a few lunches out at work really add up quickly. There was one day when I was just too lazy to make my lunch, and another day was my 2 year anniversary  with the company so of course I had to go out with my coworkers and get really amazing food like this bit of deliciousness:

Seriously delicious


I've really been struggling with making my dinner in the evenings on weekdays.  When I don't make my dinner, I don't have leftovers, which then forces me to buy my lunch. I have the food to make dinner, I'm just being lazy. And that's really difficult for me to admit, but it's true. I have 3 dozen eggs for goodness' sake! There's no need for me to have toast every morning when I could make a batch of easy egg bites and grab one when I need it.

I might have mentioned this a time or two before, but I'm moving soon. Most of my kitchen supplies are going to be wrapped up in boxes at the new place for two weeks before my official move-in, so I'm going to make big batches of food before hand and eat the leftovers while I don't have access to my pots, pans, and spatulas.  This should help limit the “well, I don't have any cookware, guess I have to go out!” excuses. Notice I say limit, not eliminate. I know myself too well for that :/

My vow: I'm going to make my dinner every single night this week. I was home most of the day on Sunday, so I was able to cook ahead for some things (breakfast, I'm looking at you!) which will make my vow easier to stick to. I also have a date on Friday, so I'm looking at that as my reward for behaving myself.


Two things happened recently that deserve a mention. The first item of note was I got the official HR paperwork for my new position. Since I'm moving to a bigger town that's more attractive and expensive to live in, I'm getting a raise! Combined with my earlier yearly raise, my salary is now 5.4% higher this year! We're only talking an extra ~200 or so a month, but every little bit will help. Not to mention, I need to adjust my projections for the next few years since I wasn't expecting this raise. I'm in the middle of writing an article on my 10 year plan that will go further into detail about my projections and where I anticipate being in 10 years.

The other thing that happened is I received my moving allowance. I got one when I started with the company, but it didn't arrive in time to be useful before I moved. I literally got that one 2 days before I started working. This time they were much more prompt, thank goodness. I opted for the lump sum payment, so I got a deposit in my account this morning. I can use this on anything and everything related to my move. Uhaul truck, overnight accommodations, food along the way, and even a deposit on my new place. I've already paid my deposit, but this will be VERY helpful for the move. I'll also get some things reimbursed after I move, like my mileage on my last drive over there. All in all, the moving allowance is almost 2/3 of a normal month's pay, so this will be a nice buffer in addition to my normal income. Most of it will go directly into savings, since I don't anticipate needing all of it to move.

How has your life been lately? Any big events to hoot and holler over?


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