Stressed Out!

If you listen to Top 40 radio even a little bit, you will have probably heard a song by 21 Pilots. It seems they're all over the radio these days.

There's one song they played so much I can hear it echoing through my head even now.

This song is my life right now. I am so stressed out.

I was doing fairly ok until the last 24 hours hit.

Before, I was only worried about finding a job. Now I am close to freaking out.


Megacorp has an entry level development program. It's comprised of 2 18 month rotations in various aspects of the company. I was placed in this program when I came back to work after graduation. So far, I've been placed in jobs that aren't exactly the best fit for me. I've been really looking forward to having the freedom to pick my own job for once. However, now I don't even have that freedom. I need to find a job, and find one fast for a number of reasons.

Increased Rent

As I've mentioned in all of my Monthly Spending Reports, my rent is $1007 a month with an extra $50 pet fee. On November 7th, my lease will officially be up and I will move to a month to month lease. This means my rent will skyrocket up to $1749!! That's a 60% increase!!

Now, because I have my hefty emergency fund thanks to being financially savvy, I can afford the increase. I'm not going to be homeless. I'm not even going to be forced to put it on my credit card. That $700 is basically all of my discretionary spending money though, and I am NOT a fan of not getting to spend it on food whatever I want. Especially right as the holidays approach. I have a niece to spoil!

The quicker I can figure out what I'm doing job wise, the quicker I can get my housing situation sorted out.

If I stay here, I will sign a 6 month lease and promptly resume my search for rental properties.

If I move, I will bite the bullet and pay their ridiculous rent until I move to the new place.

I'm very glad this rental situation will be able to be handled without going into debt. It's still stressful, but not as stressful as losing my apartment would be.

Increased Competition

In a Megacorp with 60,000+ employees, there will always be people watching the job board for a new position. I expect there to be at least a few applications for each opening. No biggie.


There are also my fellow entry level program graduates. I take them more seriously, since we're all roughly in the same place with regards to experience. I post out with 7 other people. Currently, there are only 5 positions open. We qualify for 3 of them. Competition is going to be fierce.

And finally, in addition to my fellow entry level people, I am now competing against ~70 employees from another office. They received notification yesterday their jobs will no longer exist. They get one chance to get another position. If they don't, they will be laid off with a tiny severance package. If they're lucky to even get one at all.

This means I'm not only competing against people who are similar to me, but also to people who are far more experienced than I am. As if that wasn't bad enough, this is merely the first round. There are roughly ~250 more people to be on the chopping block.

I need to find a job quick so I don't have to compete against all those desperate people.

Decreased Benefits

Currently, if you move to another position on the same level, you'll probably get a raise. After November, this will no longer be the case. Megacorp is suspending this particular benefit until market conditions improve.

This means I need to get a position before November so I get the raise I've worked so hard for over the last 3 years.

Of course, I could just avoid the whole issue and go up a level, but there aren't any of those positions I want to do/would be good at. For the reasons mentioned above, I'm not willing to wait for one either.

I very specifically didn't include any raises in my projections for this reason. The only guaranteed paycheck is the one I'm getting right now. (and even that is starting to look a bit shaky…..)

However, given the choice, I'd much rather get a 10% raise.  As countless people told me at FinCon, they fully anticipate me being retired well before I turn 35. Getting a decent raise like this would definitely speed up the process!

What's Next

I am allowed to apply for jobs this Friday, September 30th. There is one opening I will be applying for. I met with the hiring manager on Monday and I think the job will be a decent enough fit for me. It's a little more technical than I'd like, but I will survive it. This position also comes with the option of moving to another location in a different state, or possibly even working from home. I like the sound of that, so I will be applying. I come pretty highly recommended (it really does pay to know people), so I'm optimistic I will at least be a finalist for the position.

As for the blog, I will be taking off for a two week trip to Europe! I will be seeing the new Harry Potter play in West End, spending a few days in Paris and Amsterdam, and exploring other parts of the UK. I probably won't be quite as responsive, so forgive me if I take longer to respond to messages. I'm looking forward to testing my Google FI phone plan overseas for the first time.

I'll be sure to share lots of pictures! If you'd like to see me explore Europe, follow the adventure on my Instagram!

Update: I added a new post about my career situation which you can read here.

Anyone been through layoffs and staff reductions? How'd you handle the stress?


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13 thoughts on “Stressed Out!

    • I have a feeling drinking proper British hard cider in a pub that’s older than the US will do wonders for my stress levels!

  1. While I understand why you are stressed out, I’m going to do my best to tell you why you shouldn’t be stressed.

    The one thing that those 250+ other people don’t have? They’re not Gwen. They don’t have a six figure net worth built up in their 20’s. They don’t have the what I call, “excessively extroverted super powers”. Most of the people who have trouble finding jobs are the introverts. Julie recently had a blog post on this, how to navigate the job interview process as a woman (but really, anyone). You can use that natural state of “in your face Gwen” personality that I’ve read so much about on Fincon recaps to your advantage in the job hunt. Human resources loves an outgoing personable person. That’s you. From where I sit, you’re golden.

    You don’t have the experience that all of these other people have, but you’re also in the financial spot where you don’t have to accept the first offer you get. You have some FU money. You just don’t know it yet.

    Enjoy your Euro-trip. Try to detox if you can. And if you do end up without a job for a little bit, please don’t end up like I was. Quoted from a very recent blog post: “I suppose I would have sold part of my portfolio if I really had to, but that was an early retirement fund, not a TJ can’t find a job fund.” The money can be replaced. You never get the time back.
    TJ recently posted…You Really Should Take The Motivational DNA QuizMy Profile

    • Thanks lady! I’m just doing my best to keep breathing lol. I’m seeing the DTG familia (or part of it) on the 4th! I’ll be sure to pass on the hug to them.

  2. I can see why you’re stressed – Hah, that rent increase alone is making me stressed for you!

    Not sure what kind of tech position you’re looking for, but my company does a lot of different things and is frankly awesome. Raises are also more or less guaranteed (never outrageously high, mind you, just consistent). DM me on Twitter if you’re at all interested for more detail. 🙂
    Felicity (@FelicityFFF) recently posted…Free Events in and Around BostonMy Profile

  3. Staff reductions, especially at a big company, are horrible. I’m rooting for you to get that position, though! I’m assuming you want to stay at this company instead of looking for external positions? It couldn’t hurt to look; although the time invested in the company for your raise wouldn’t pay out, so that sucks.

    I’ve been at companies that were laying people off left and right and threatening all of us. Although I haven’t achieved FI, I don’t let people treat me like a dog, so I left. Staff reductions are natural, but the cultural effects are what really take the cake for me. Everyone’s afraid and management resorts to negative feedback; not good!
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…30-Day Frugal Cleanse Week 1My Profile

  4. Holy Moly! That’s a huge rent increase. I thought I was being a jerk by raising rent 15%, but now I feel better…
    Keep you option open and look for position in other companies too. Your Megacorp isn’t the only option. Good luck and have fun on your trip!

  5. Hi Gwen! I met you at FinCon, I joined you all to In ‘N Out Burger on the last night there and then was on the boat hanging out. It was great meeting you and wanted to say hello. The weekend went by way too fast and I was overwhelmed with all the social interaction, so I feel like I was a bit all over the place and didn’t get enough time with all the amazing people there.

    I really enjoyed this blog post and can relate to the stress of working in a megacorp. I’ve spent a good part of my career dealing with that stress. But just having the ambition and knowledge you have at your age is enough to almost guarantee success.

    I have a related blog post I thought you might enjoy…about my experience during the 2008 financial crisis. I have a feeling the core message will be nothing new to you given your FI aspirations, but I hope you can find it relatable!

    Enjoy your Eurotrip! I’m sure you are having a blast.

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