De-romanitizing Downsizing

Down­siz­ing sounds so nice as an abstract con­cept. You see arti­cles and posts writ­ten on it every­where you turn, it seems. “How one woman down­sized and moved to Paris for love” “How we down­sized into a tiny house” “How we went from 3000 sq. ft. to a 35 ft sail­boat” Sounds amaz­ing, right? Move into a small­er place, … Read more

How to Find Housing

I just decid­ed to spend $20,000. I wish I could say I was excit­ed about it. I wish I could show you the cool thing I bought, or the cool place I’m going to go vis­it. Nope. Instead, we get to talk about the lease I just signed. Yes, you read that cor­rect­ly. Just to have a roof over my head and a warm … Read more