I’m Turning Down 2.7 Million Dollars

That’s right, you read that head­line cor­rect­ly. By quit­ting my job, or in cor­po­rate office jar­gon “resign­ing my posi­tion”, I am turn­ing down the oppor­tu­ni­ty to earn at least 2.7 mil­lion dol­lars. (Based on my cur­rent salary and assum­ing I wouldn’t get rais­es or pro­mo­tions.) That’s like get­ting a lot­tery tick­et, win­ning, say­ing no thanks, pour­ing lighter flu­id on it, … Read more

Career and Life Update Jan 2017

I had a rev­e­la­tion. A new out­look on life, as it may be. I’m going to do that sneaky thing though and make you wait to find out what it is until you get to the end. For­tu­nate­ly for you, it’s a quick update on how my career and life are going over­all. It’s been almost 2 months since I start­ed … Read more

What Do I Do After A Raise?

Have you ever had a job where your salary is enough to meet your needs? Have you got­ten a raise because you’re awe­some.… and then had no idea what to do with all that extra mon­ey? I’m in this exact boat after I got my new job. It came with a hefty 10% raise! My pre­vi­ous salary was more … Read more

Awful Beautiful Life

I tell you what, when it rains IT POURS. For­tu­nate­ly in my case I’m in a down­pour of all good things. My prob­lem (not that I real­ly have a prob­lem) is that EVERYTHING is hit­ting all at once. It’s an over­whelm­ing mix of tons to do with lots of time I can’t do any­thing. I’m not doing any­thing at … Read more

Career Update: Hurry Up and Wait

The last two weeks at work have all fol­lowed an eeri­ly sim­i­lar pat­tern: Get into work Make break­fast (instant oat­meal and tea) Attend dai­ly standup meet­ing Make anoth­er cup of tea Write blog posts/Twitter/Reddit Play bags More inter­net Eat lunch More inter­net Chat with cowork­ers More inter­net Leave work I’m not say­ing I’m bored, but … Read more

Career Update

Wow these last few weeks have been a roller coast­er. Last time I post­ed about my career sit­u­a­tion, I was unable to apply for a posi­tion and I had just got­ten a lot more com­pe­ti­tion for the few jobs avail­able. I feel almost as if this is a TV show with a dra­mat­ic cliffhang­er. “Last episode, we saw the hero in this pre­car­i­ous … Read more

Dealing with the Guilt

If you’re a long time read­er, or have read my finan­cial back­ground posts (one & two), you’ll remem­ber I wasn’t born into the upper-mid­­dle class lifestyle. I grew up pret­ty poor. Med­ic­aid, food stamps, gov­ern­ment hous­ing, free break­fast and lunch­es at school, and low-cost after-school care was my life for the first 6 years. Then my mom got mar­ried to … Read more