Motivated Laziness

It’s 5 o’clock on a Sat­ur­day, and I’ve just fin­ished up a jam-packed day… of relax­ing. I woke up late (for me) at 8 am. I made a smooth­ie for break­fast at 9. Then I spent a good chunk of the morn­ing reply­ing to com­ments and answer­ing emails. After that, I took a nap. The sun was shin­ing, the cat was purring, I felt tired; so … Read more

2017: The Year of Caring

Y’all, the FI com­mu­ni­ty is seri­ous­ly one of the best com­mu­ni­ties I’ve ever been a part of. There are a ton of amaz­ing­ly smart, kind, and wel­com­ing peo­ple every where you look! Not to men­tion, they come up with thought-pro­­vok­ing and life chang­ing posts. One of the posts that made me stop and think recent­ly was a post … Read more