Downsizing, Depreciation, and Debt

When I start­ed writ­ing this blog over two years ago, I was liv­ing in a 1,500 sq ft house that fea­tured 3 bed­rooms, 1 bath­room, and tons of clos­et space. I had more space then I ever need­ed. One bed­room for me, one bed­room for my craft space, and the oth­er upstairs for storage/media room/roommate area. I also had a huge kitchen and liv­ing … Read more

Dealing with the Guilt

If you’re a long time read­er, or have read my finan­cial back­ground posts (one & two), you’ll remem­ber I wasn’t born into the upper-mid­­dle class lifestyle. I grew up pret­ty poor. Med­ic­aid, food stamps, gov­ern­ment hous­ing, free break­fast and lunch­es at school, and low-cost after-school care was my life for the first 6 years. Then my mom got mar­ried to … Read more

Rant and Rave 1

I decid­ed to do a series of posts called Rant and Rave, in which I rant about a few things, and then also rave about a few things. I know, it’s a real­ly orig­i­nal title haha. RANT(S) Now that more and more of my friends have grad­u­at­ed from col­lege and got­ten “big peo­ple jobs”, I’ve start­ed to see a dis­turb­ing trend pop … Read more