Takin Care of Business: FinCon 2017 Recap

At last! Gwen writes her recap of Fin­Con 2017! I know you all were los­ing sleep all week wait­ing for it, so with­out fur­ther ado.… my recap! Now, I’m not going to get super into the details this year. It’s not going to be an epic 4500+ word post where I write about each per­son I met (cough … Read more

Chautauqua 2017: Lessons Learned

As pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed in my Chau­tauqua recap post, I had a real­ly amaz­ing time hang­ing out with new and old friends, tak­ing in the beau­ti­ful scenery, and learn­ing some pret­ty inter­est­ing things. I cov­ered the friends and scenery in the last post, so.….… time to talk about the lessons I learned! Les­son 1 Our host Cheryl gave a pre­sen­ta­tion on … Read more

Thrashing the Early Retirement Threshold

I’ve start­ing lis­ten­ing to a lot more pod­casts and audio books now that I’m dri­ving 5+ hours to see my boyfriend. It’s more pro­duc­tive and just about as enter­tain­ing as doing car-eoke. (But way eas­i­er on my voice!) These pod­casts and audio books aren’t just for enter­tain­ment, though. I want­ed to put the time to good use. … Read more

From Bad-Ass to.….. Bad

As chron­i­cled in my 3 Month Update and Bugs, Thugs, and Hugs posts, I had some work done on my house this sum­mer. Notice I didn’t say any­thing about the qual­i­ty of the work. I delib­er­ate­ly left that descrip­tor out as it turns out my con­trac­tor was clos­er to the “should nev­er be allowed to work on a home … Read more

My 10 Year Plan: 2017 Update

I typ­i­cal­ly update my long-term pro­jec­tions each year around late spring. Due to the fact some­one pressed the fast for­ward but­ton on my year, I’m updat­ing it now instead! If you’re unfa­mil­iar with my 10 year plan series, you can catch up by read­ing 2015’s iter­a­tion and 2016’s post before you con­tin­ue with 2017. I … Read more

You Suck.…. and It’s Ok

Very few peo­ple can try out a new skill and be per­fect from the start. Sad­ly for my inner type A per­fec­tion­ist per­son­al­i­ty, I am not one of those peo­ple. I’ve tried a num­ber of new activ­i­ties late­ly and sucked at the vast major­i­ty of them. But you know what? It’s per­fect­ly ok to suck at some­thing. The impor­tant part … Read more

Blocks and Barriers

Have you ever craft­ed a to-do list for the day in the morn­ing, full of moti­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion that today is the day you are going to get things done! .……and then bed time rolls around and you’ve only done one easy item.… maybe two if you’re lucky. What stops us from being our best selves … Read more

Planning for the Future

Plan­ning for the hazy “some­day” of the future is tough. It’s like peer­ing into the mists of a fog­gy morn­ing. Shapes are indis­tinct and intim­i­dat­ing until you get close enough to rec­og­nize the giant shad­ow is an oak tree. I’m peer­ing into the fog­gy future, but I can’t make out what those loom­ing shapes are. Peo­ple keep … Read more

Never Say Never

Nev­er is such a polar­iz­ing word. Why do we say we’ll nev­er do some­thing? “I’ll nev­er wear short socks.” “I’ll nev­er wear loos­er fit­ting cloth­ing.” “I’ll nev­er eat egg­plant.” I’ve said each of those things in the past. The fun­ny thing is, I’ve done each of those things and actu­al­ly enjoy them more than the alter­na­tives. … Read more

Early Retirement: Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but…

Today’s guest post comes cour­tesy of the Ear­ly Retire­ment Dude. If you fre­quent the /r/financialindependence sub­red­dit, you might rec­og­nize him as a cool mod known as ER10years_throwaway! He FI/ER’d in 2005 at the ripe old age of  36. He made a very insight­ful com­ment and I asked him to expand upon it in a guest post. Take it away, … Read more