Monthly Status Report: September 2017

I’m typ­ing this from the lush and beau­ti­ful Ecuado­ri­an Chau­tauqua! All this trav­el has been throw­ing my sched­ule of but bet­ter late than nev­er I guess… I can’t wait to share every­thing I’ve learned this week with you! Beun dia! Dis­claimer: some links may be affil­i­ate links. They help off­set the cost of keep­ing this blog run­ning! … Read more

Cultivating a Community

It’s no sur­prise to any­one that knows me that I absolute­ly love trav­el­ing to meet new peo­ple. Espe­cial­ly peo­ple in the FIRE com­mu­ni­ty. I’ve writ­ten reviews on my times at.…… Ecuador Chau­tauqua 2015 (bonus lessons learned post!) Camp Mus­tache Seat­tle 2016 Fin­Con 2016 Camp Mus­tache Flori­da 2017 Those are the major trips I’ve been on, but … Read more

Planning for the Future

Plan­ning for the hazy “some­day” of the future is tough. It’s like peer­ing into the mists of a fog­gy morn­ing. Shapes are indis­tinct and intim­i­dat­ing until you get close enough to rec­og­nize the giant shad­ow is an oak tree. I’m peer­ing into the fog­gy future, but I can’t make out what those loom­ing shapes are. Peo­ple keep … Read more

What’s A Lot?

I love disc golf. There’s just some­thing super peace­ful about wan­der­ing around a park play­ing fris­bee: sport edi­tion. Low start up cost, end­less enjoy­ment (unless you chuck your disc in a stag­nant creek full of goose poop), no fee to prac­tice or play, a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent cours­es to play.….. talk about a great first date activ­i­ty. You get to … Read more

Financially Free?

This FIRE com­mu­ni­ty rocks, y’all. There are amaz­ing­ly smart blog­gers who write some real­ly deep arti­cles that real­ly make you stop, think, scratch your head, think some more, write a com­ment at 5 am, and then enjoy some more think­ing. Ms. Our Next Life is no excep­tion to this. She recent­ly post­ed an arti­cle on Why “Finan­cial … Read more

Monthly Status Report: April 2017

Hap­py May, friends! With the addi­tion of my month­ly rental line items, I am chang­ing the month­ly report for­mat. Please note I also have some affil­i­ate links in the posts now, as they help off­set the costs to keep this blog run­ning. Let me know how you like the changes in the com­ments! Why do I do a month­ly … Read more

A Letter to My 22 Year Old Self

Today’s post comes cour­tesy of Joel at FI180. Joel and I met at Camp Mus­tache SE this win­ter. Once I heard his sto­ry, I knew he had a lot of great words of wis­dom to share. Over the course of the week­end, we con­vinced him to start a blog to share his sto­ry. He and his wife will be FIRead more

Rental Property #1

Well every­body, it’s offi­cial. I am a home­own­er! Per­haps more impor­tant­ly in this con­text, I’m also now a land­lord! “Ok Gwen, that’s cool, BUT SHARE THE DETAILS! WEVE BEEN TEASED ENOUGH!!” Alright, alright, alright. Here’s the num­bers and infor­ma­tion on my very first rental prop­er­ty! Stats: Triplex Unit #1: 1 bed­room, 1 bath Unit #2: 1 bed­room, 1 bath Unit #3: stu­dio, … Read more

Downsizing, Depreciation, and Debt

When I start­ed writ­ing this blog over two years ago, I was liv­ing in a 1,500 sq ft house that fea­tured 3 bed­rooms, 1 bath­room, and tons of clos­et space. I had more space then I ever need­ed. One bed­room for me, one bed­room for my craft space, and the oth­er upstairs for storage/media room/roommate area. I also had a huge kitchen and liv­ing … Read more

My Vision of FI: Phase One

I’ve writ­ten pre­vi­ous­ly about my plan for finan­cial inde­pen­dence. Twice, actu­al­ly. Once in My 10 Year Plan post and again in it’s sequel, My 10 Year Plan: 2016 Update. I know, I’m real good at com­ing up with titles. Be jeal­ous of my skil­lz. For those of you that have just stum­bled across this lit­tle slice … Read more