Saving and Giving

Sav­ing for ear­ly retire­ment increas­ing­ly feels like a jug­gling act. There are so many ways to uti­lize the mon­ey com­ing into my pock­ets. Way more ways, actu­al­ly, than the amount of mon­ey com­ing in. I could buy bur­ri­tos every day, sock as much as I can into every tax effi­cient account pos­si­ble, and even give it away! I’ve … Read more

Giving Thanks 2016

source: Warn­er Bros It’s not often we’re giv­en a rea­son to pause, step back, and think about all the great things in our life. I love Thanks­giv­ing for exact­ly this rea­son (although all the amaz­ing food and tryp­to­phan coma are up there as well. Green bean casse­role get in ma bel­lay!). If you’re any­thing like me, you … Read more