Two Years with Project Fi

It’s time for anoth­er update on my awe­some phone plan, Google’s Project FI. I wrote one post when I switched and anoth­er post last year with my impres­sions of the plan. As a quick recap, I was on a grand­fa­thered unlim­it­ed data plan with Ver­i­zon until late 2015 when they announced they were jack­ing up the costs to $110/mo. My … Read more

One Year with Project FI

Last year I wrote about flip­ping off say­ing a fond farewell to Ver­i­zon and say­ing hel­lo to the new kid in town, Google’s Project FI phone plan. I was going through my num­bers on Mint (at a record high thanks to low spend­ing, pay­day, and a strong mar­ket) and real­ized it’s been a whole year since I switched to Project FI. Because … Read more

Google Project FI: Review

Dis­claimer: This post con­tains affil­i­ate links. I’m also an incred­i­bly sat­is­fied cus­tomer and hap­pi­ly sing their prais­es even with­out an affil­i­ate link.  I’ve been a Ver­i­zon cus­tomer for 8 years. Ever since I got my first (incred­i­bly crap­py) pay as you go flip phone as a Junior in high school, they’ve been my go to car­ri­er. Big Red had the … Read more