Dealing with the Guilt

If you’re a long time read­er, or have read my finan­cial back­ground posts (one & two), you’ll remem­ber I wasn’t born into the upper-mid­­dle class lifestyle. I grew up pret­ty poor. Med­ic­aid, food stamps, gov­ern­ment hous­ing, free break­fast and lunch­es at school, and low-cost after-school care was my life for the first 6 years. Then my mom got mar­ried to … Read more

Rant and Rave 2: Freaking Food

Rant: Hi my name is Gwen and I have a prob­lem with food. Not like the tra­di­tion­al prob­lems of eat­ing too much or too lit­tle, or even the prob­lem of eat­ing bad stuff. (Although I could prob­a­bly stand to eat less sug­ar.) No, my prob­lem is not mak­ing my own. I ate out WAY too much last week, and … Read more

Questions to Ask About a New Job

The job hunt­ing process. Isn’t it just the most fun thing you’ve ever done? What could pos­si­bly be bet­ter then end­less­ly mak­ing cov­er let­ters and throw­ing your resume at a mil­lion poten­tial employ­ers? Oh gee, Gwen, I don’t know, actu­al­ly hav­ing a job? [side­note: results not guar­an­teed for the resume throw­ing process. Bet­ter results come from gen­tly set­ting it on … Read more