Confessions of a Bad Mustachian

A brief intro­duc­tion before we begin: Mr. Mon­ey Mus­tache is arguably one of the biggest names in the FIRE sphere. He retired at the age of 33 and has been writ­ing his blog for the last 6 years. You can find him at Mr. Mon­ey Mus­tache, or as I and many oth­ers know him, Pete, is … Read more

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

It seems like my life thus far has been noth­ing but wait­ing. Wait­ing for… …my 5th birth­day so I could join my sis­ter in the big kid’s room at preschool. …age 10 so I could get an adult library card and check out more than YA books. …ele­men­tary school to end so I could go to the mid­dle … Read more

Lessons from the Chautauqua

If I’ve learned one thing dur­ing my 25 years on this Earth, it’s that peo­ple are full of advice. Some of that advice is ter­ri­ble. Some isn’t real­ly applic­a­ble to your life. How­ev­er, oth­er tid­bits offered by peo­ple have the poten­tial to change your entire life. That was the case at the Chau­tauqua last week. There … Read more