What Do I Do After A Raise?

Have you ever had a job where your salary is enough to meet your needs? Have you got­ten a raise because you’re awe­some.… and then had no idea what to do with all that extra mon­ey? I’m in this exact boat after I got my new job. It came with a hefty 10% raise! My pre­vi­ous salary was more … Read more

Rant N Rave: Noisy Neighbors and A Raise

Rant Today’s rant comes to you cour­tesy of my love­ly neigh­bors below me. I’ve lived in this apart­ment for almost an entire year, and for the most part it’s been pret­ty good. Maybe some­one has a dog that JUST WON’T SHUT UP, or some­one else is a ter­ri­ble cook and can’t fig­ure out how to silence their … Read more

Rant and Rave 2: Freaking Food

Rant: Hi my name is Gwen and I have a prob­lem with food. Not like the tra­di­tion­al prob­lems of eat­ing too much or too lit­tle, or even the prob­lem of eat­ing bad stuff. (Although I could prob­a­bly stand to eat less sug­ar.) No, my prob­lem is not mak­ing my own. I ate out WAY too much last week, and … Read more