Takin Care of Business: FinCon 2017 Recap

At last! Gwen writes her recap of Fin­Con 2017! I know you all were los­ing sleep all week wait­ing for it, so with­out fur­ther ado.… my recap! Now, I’m not going to get super into the details this year. It’s not going to be an epic 4500+ word post where I write about each per­son I met (cough … Read more

Chautauqua 2017: Lessons Learned

As pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed in my Chau­tauqua recap post, I had a real­ly amaz­ing time hang­ing out with new and old friends, tak­ing in the beau­ti­ful scenery, and learn­ing some pret­ty inter­est­ing things. I cov­ered the friends and scenery in the last post, so.….… time to talk about the lessons I learned! Les­son 1 Our host Cheryl gave a pre­sen­ta­tion on … Read more

Thrashing the Early Retirement Threshold

I’ve start­ing lis­ten­ing to a lot more pod­casts and audio books now that I’m dri­ving 5+ hours to see my boyfriend. It’s more pro­duc­tive and just about as enter­tain­ing as doing car-eoke. (But way eas­i­er on my voice!) These pod­casts and audio books aren’t just for enter­tain­ment, though. I want­ed to put the time to good use. … Read more

Cultivating a Community

It’s no sur­prise to any­one that knows me that I absolute­ly love trav­el­ing to meet new peo­ple. Espe­cial­ly peo­ple in the FIRE com­mu­ni­ty. I’ve writ­ten reviews on my times at.…… Ecuador Chau­tauqua 2015 (bonus lessons learned post!) Camp Mus­tache Seat­tle 2016 Fin­Con 2016 Camp Mus­tache Flori­da 2017 Those are the major trips I’ve been on, but … Read more

Blocks and Barriers

Have you ever craft­ed a to-do list for the day in the morn­ing, full of moti­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion that today is the day you are going to get things done! .……and then bed time rolls around and you’ve only done one easy item.… maybe two if you’re lucky. What stops us from being our best selves … Read more

What’s A Lot?

I love disc golf. There’s just some­thing super peace­ful about wan­der­ing around a park play­ing fris­bee: sport edi­tion. Low start up cost, end­less enjoy­ment (unless you chuck your disc in a stag­nant creek full of goose poop), no fee to prac­tice or play, a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent cours­es to play.….. talk about a great first date activ­i­ty. You get to … Read more

Monthly Status Report: April 2017

Hap­py May, friends! With the addi­tion of my month­ly rental line items, I am chang­ing the month­ly report for­mat. Please note I also have some affil­i­ate links in the posts now, as they help off­set the costs to keep this blog run­ning. Let me know how you like the changes in the com­ments! Why do I do a month­ly … Read more

A Letter to My 22 Year Old Self

Today’s post comes cour­tesy of Joel at FI180. Joel and I met at Camp Mus­tache SE this win­ter. Once I heard his sto­ry, I knew he had a lot of great words of wis­dom to share. Over the course of the week­end, we con­vinced him to start a blog to share his sto­ry. He and his wife will be FIRead more

Rental Property #1

Well every­body, it’s offi­cial. I am a home­own­er! Per­haps more impor­tant­ly in this con­text, I’m also now a land­lord! “Ok Gwen, that’s cool, BUT SHARE THE DETAILS! WEVE BEEN TEASED ENOUGH!!” Alright, alright, alright. Here’s the num­bers and infor­ma­tion on my very first rental prop­er­ty! Stats: Triplex Unit #1: 1 bed­room, 1 bath Unit #2: 1 bed­room, 1 bath Unit #3: stu­dio, … Read more

My Vision of FI: Phase One

I’ve writ­ten pre­vi­ous­ly about my plan for finan­cial inde­pen­dence. Twice, actu­al­ly. Once in My 10 Year Plan post and again in it’s sequel, My 10 Year Plan: 2016 Update. I know, I’m real good at com­ing up with titles. Be jeal­ous of my skil­lz. For those of you that have just stum­bled across this lit­tle slice … Read more