Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

It seems like my life thus far has been nothing but waiting.

Waiting for…

…my 5th birthday so I could join my sister in the big kid's room at preschool.
…age 10 so I could get an adult library card and check out more than YA books.
…elementary school to end so I could go to the middle school.
…my 13th birthday and officially be a teenager.
…middle school to end so I could be a big high schooler.
…my 16th birthday so I could start driving.
…the last Harry Potter book to come out.
…my 18th birthday so I could buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, and other age restricted stuff from Wal-Mart.
…my college acceptance letter to come in the mail.
…high school to be over so I could get away from my classmates.
…basic to be over FOREVER so I didn't have to keep doing stupid stuff for no reason.
…tech school to be over so I could get back to college.
…my 21st birthday so I could buy alcohol for myself.
…my second course of Java to be over so I didn't have to keep torturing myself.
…calculus to be over, because, ew calculus.
…my internship to be over so I could go back to the easy life of college.
…waiting for my first rotation to be over so I could move to a new town.
…my Australian vacation with my sister to start!
…my 25th birthday so my car insurance would get cheaper.
…the Chautauqua to start.
…the end of the work day/week.
…all my fun trips to get here.

I'm not sure what it says about me, my personality, or my life that I'm always looking to the future. I think part of it is I realize things will be better in the future than they are right now and so I long for those events to get here so I can enjoy life more? Each one of those events has made my life ‘better' or changed me significantly, but I also have the gift of hindsight and my overall life doesn't really change too drastically after I reach the thing I've been waiting for.

I think another part of it is I'm a planner. I love to know what's going to happen in my life and schedule rough plans weeks and months ahead of time. If I know they're coming, I have something to look forward to when I'm super bored at work or bummed when yet another relationship didn't work out.

One would think I would have learned to sit back and smell the roses of my life as it stands, but that's not the case. I suppose someday, when all I have to look forward is turning 30 or 50, I might be a bit more involved in the present, but until then, here are the things (some patiently, others not so patiently) I'm currently looking forward to:

The End of My Rotational Program

My employer offers something called the Early Development program. Fresh college graduates come in the company and do 2, 18-month rotations within various aspects of the company. I'm currently in the second rotation and rapidly coming up on what's known as ‘phasing out'. In October, I will be allowed to interview for a new permanent position. No more being forced to move around every 18 months, no more being a glorified intern doing the dirty work of every one else. I'm thrilled, as the program hasn't exactly been fun for me. I have learned a lot about the company and how the different divisions interact with each other, but I can't say I'd recommend the program continue as is.

For both rotations, I was placed in highly technical roles that weren't a great fit for my skills and future desired positions. Now that I have these two technical roles under my belt, I will be nudged towards similar roles instead of positions I'd like to do. The whole focus of this program is gain experience, which I've done. It's just been the wrong type of experience.  I'm not exactly confident I'll be able to get a suitable position, either, after watching some of my friends phase out of the program. At the end of the day, the company has roles to fill and business needs to meet.

The Housing Market to Heat Up

In my area of the country, we're facing a fierce housing market. Houses come on the market and in less than 24 hours are gone. It's not surprising, really, considering my town routinely pops up in lists titled something like “Best City for the Middle Class”, “Top 10 Hippest Mid-Sized Cities in America”, “Best Capital Cities”, “25 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs”, “Best Mid-Sized Cities for Making a Living”, “Best Cities for Young Families in 2016”, and “Best Cities to Live and Work”. Who knew these were actual categories. So you have a lot of young people moving into town, which means housing inventory is at an all-time low. My realtor told me this is the oddest year he's seen. Normally they like to have close to 500k units for sale, and they're seeing levels closer to 300k. It's getting to the point where realtors are going door-to-door in neighborhoods and asking people if they'd consider moving and selling their house.

None of this applies to the multi-family market. There's only been one new property on the market in the last month (in the areas of town I'm looking in). That property went back off the market in less than 24 hours, although that was a bit of a special case as a previous offer came back on the table. I'm not quite at the point of sending out letters to existing owners, but I'm getting close. October is rapidly approaching!

If the time comes for me to apply for jobs and I'm forced to move elsewhere before I buy a property here, I'm not sure what I'll do. I suppose it depends on where I move to. If I go back to the town I moved away from, I might try to help an existing rental guru. If I move to a new place, I'll start by finding a new realtor and getting a feel for the new market before I invest in a property there. But hey, why worry about something that might not even happen?

Upcoming Fun Trips

I have a LOT of fun trips planned that I'm very excited for. Yes, this has caused my spending to be slightly much higher, but all the fun times I'm going to have will more than make up for it. They include, but aren't limited to, the following:

-April 30th: Berkshire Hathaway Annual Investors' Meeting, Omaha. I'm meeting up with Mr. 1500, the Income Surfers, and the PoPs, so it should be kickin good time.
-May 12th: Nashville, TN. Not really looking forward to this one since I got subpoenaed to appear in court. Long story short, I'm testifying against my former best friend in her custody hearing. Yep. It's like a Lifetime movie.
-May 21st: Cardinals games in St. Louis with a college friend of mine. A colleague was selling her season tickets for May, so I jumped at the chance to sit on the first base line for only $60! What a steal! And it's a giveaway day woot!
May 27th: Camp Mustache in Seattle. I'll be hanging out with Mr. Money Mustache himself, Brandon from Mad Fientist, Paula from Afford Anything and 49 other Mustachians. Some of the other attendees are people I met last fall in Ecuador, so I'm excited to see them again. All around, it's going to be a fabulous time and I cannot wait!
August 13th: Cubs-Cards game in Chicago with more Chautauqua friends. Baseball + drinks+ good friends = mucho fun. I'll also be attending an FI get together that weekend, so if you're anywhere near the area let me know and I'll hook you up with details!
September 2nd: Maine for Labor Day weekend to, you guessed it, hang out with more Chautauqua friends! I'm so very grateful I've met all these wonderful peeps to be able to travel around and see them 🙂
September 21st: FINCON. “Where Money and Media meet” and where I'm hoping to meet up with a lot of FI bloggers and other money-media people. Plus, it's in San Diego so that means I'm going to the Zoo and eating In-n-Out. It'll be my first time in California as well!
October 2nd: A quick stop home to attend a friend's wedding and then I'm flying across the pond to go see the new Harry Potter play in West End, London. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, so how could I not buy a ticket and see it? Hopefully while I'm there I'll be able to meet some UK FI bloggers and learn about the differences between saving over there and saving here in the US.

As you can see, I have a plethora of plans and activities to look forward to this year. Is it any wonder I live in the future, visualizing lots of fun with great people?

Do you find yourself living in the future? Do you have any fun plans lined up for 2016?

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4 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

  1. That looks like a great list of upcoming fun travels! Sounds fun to travel and meet these other FI bloggers

    Berkshire Hathaway Annual Investors’ Meeting is one I would love to do… To bad I live in Europe and it is outside the kids school holidays.

    Enjoy it

    • If my sister joins me in London, we might expand the trip to other parts of Europe. Who knows, maybe we’ll drop by Belgium! Did you know they’re streaming the BH meeting this year?

  2. I am also attending FINCON! Jealous you have so many FI meetups this year. I guess the internet will just have to do for me until my life settles down and I can travel more.

    I am a list maker too. I find it enjoyable in some odd way. It gives me anxiety though when the future is uncertain and I can’t plan everything out as I’m sure you’re feeling with a potential move to an unknown location.

    I read somewhere that psychologically the build up to an event/vacation sometimes brings people as much or more happiness than the actual vacation itself. By looking forward to it, you’re just giving yourself more time to enjoy the happy feelings associated with all of these fun things!

    Looks like you have a great year ahead!

  3. Lots of cool travel coming up. I understand being anxious waiting for things to happen. Its fine balancing act, to stay focused on the future, and your plans and aspirations, while also enjoying the now. To quote the great Ferris Bueller:

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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