Why I’m Going to FinCon 2016

I’m doing a LOT of trav­el in the next 8 weeks: Maine, San Diego, and London/Europe. Peo­ple are real­ly inter­est­ed when I men­tion my upcom­ing trav­el and ask me what I’m doing.

The looks on their faces when I tell them I’m attend­ing a con­fer­ence and I’m EXCITED about it are price­less. I love watch­ing peo­ple strug­gle to make sense out of it.

So wait.… you’re going to a con­fer­ence, for fun.”
me: Yes
“And you don’t have to go for work.”
me: nope!
“What is it about again?”
me: mon­ey and media
“And you’re pay­ing for this?”
me: Yep. Iron­ic, hey? I’m pay­ing mon­ey to go talk about mon­ey!

Wel­come to the mad­ness that is Fin­Con!


What is Fin­Con, you ask?

Fin­Con is a peer con­fer­ence for the mon­ey media com­mu­ni­ty. At the annu­al event each Fall,

  • atten­dees con­nect with oth­ers in the com­mu­ni­ty,
  • learn to cre­ate, pro­mote, and prof­it from com­pelling online con­tent, and
  • dis­cov­er new trends in per­son­al finance and invest­ing.

I’m super pumped to do all those things and more, to include but not lim­it­ed to the fol­low­ing rea­sons:

The People

Chicago Meetup
Chica­go Meet­up

I love love love LOVE going to FI mee­tups. Whether they’re close to home or far away, being sur­round­ed by peo­ple who not only get what you’re try­ing to do but can also help is huge. So far, I’ve been to quite a few mee­tups: the Chau­tauqua in Ecuador, Camp Mus­tache III, the whole week­end in Oma­ha for the Berk­shire Hath­away Annu­al Meet­ing, the near­by stop for the Phroo­gal road­trip, and a meet­up of Chicagoan Mus­tachi­ans this last week­end. Most of the world seems hell bent on telling my why this crazy FI thing can’t and won’t hap­pen. But when I’m at these events, I’m with peo­ple who encour­age me and build me up. Who think get­ting start­ed at such a young age is awe­some.

I now have a net­work of gen­uine friends across the US to vis­it. My trip to Chica­go this week­end was to hang out with friends I met in Ecuador. (It was a ton of fun AND the Car­di­nals beat the Cubs. Ha!) I’m fly­ing to Maine over Labor Day to hang out with anoth­er set of friends from Ecuador. I might even be able to arrange a few mee­tups while I’m over­seas on my trip to London/the rest of Europe com­ing up in Octo­ber.

Some of these peo­ple I admire very much on a per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al lev­el. They’re where I want to be. I don’t want to emu­late my manager’s manager’s man­ag­er who has a huge house and plays golf all the time. I want to emu­late these blog­gers and oth­er folk who retired ear­ly. What bet­ter way to get to know them than meet them in per­son!?

Plus, there’s always the chance I meet a smart, attrac­tive, finan­cial­ly sound, and fun­ny sin­gle guy who’s my age at one of these. Had to be said 🙂

Fin­Con is chock­er block full of smart, tal­ent­ed, moti­vat­ed and inven­tive peo­ple. Even look­ing over the list of speak­ers and oth­er atten­dees has me feel­ing inspired. I’m part of the Fin­Con group on Face­book and I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to get­ting to meet them in the flesh and putting a name with a face. Plus.…. expand­ing my net­work of peo­ple is always a great idea. Who knows, maybe some­one will want to offer me a job or col­lab­o­rate with me on some­thing!?

The Knowledge

Every time I go to an event, I learn some­thing. Usu­al­ly, I learn many some­things. These tid­bits of knowl­edge have helped alter the course of my life com­plete­ly.

Are they out there on the inter­net? Most­ly.

Would I have to spend a ton of time sift­ing through stuff that doesn’t real­ly apply to me? Absolute­ly.

Would they be per­son­al­ized and tai­lored to my exact sit­u­a­tion? Not a chance.

So far at these mee­tups, I’ve got­ten more in-depth lessons about real estate, cred­it card churn­ing, hap­pi­ness, tax­es, and long dis­tance rela­tion­ships.

The full sched­ule hasn’t been released yet, but I can tell from the list of speak­ers I’m going to come away from the con­fer­ence with to-do list of things to do, books to read, and posts to write. I want to be able to attend these meet­ings and walk away with some­thing to share with you, my read­ers. Learn­ing things for my own sake is great, but it’s even bet­ter if I can impart the knowl­edge on to oth­er peo­ple!

The Location



I’ll stop shout­ing now, sor­ry. I’m just real­ly, REALLY excit­ed. Before this year, the fur­thest west on the con­ti­nen­tal US I’d be was Utah. Camp Mus­tache was in Seat­tle, so I’ve been to the North­west, but I have yet to vis­it the South­west. I’ve want­ed to go to Cal­i­for­nia for for­ev­er, and now I get to go!

My par­ents weren’t exact­ly pro­lif­ic vaca­tion tak­ers when I was grow­ing up; Now that I’m on my own, Fin­Con is the first gen­uine rea­son I’ve had to go to Cal­i­for­nia. I’m not one to take aim­less vaca­tions just to vis­it an area, so I’m very glad San Diego was cho­sen for Fin­Con this year.

Not to men­tion.….. the hotel/conference cen­ter is right on San Diego Bay. I was going to have a room­mate at the hotel, but then her plans changed and I need­ed to make alter­nate arrange­ments. I sent out a few emails about being room­mates and Julie from Mil­len­ni­al Boss was the first one to respond. She jok­ing­ly men­tioned stay­ing in a house­boat, not know­ing that I’ve always want­ed to stay in a house­boat since I read a Box­car Chil­dren book that fea­tured one.

So, long sto­ry short, I’m stay­ing in a house­boat on San Diego Bay for the entire con­fer­ence!! Look at this beau­ty!


I’m super excit­ed to hang out with Julie and her fiancé (going back to the peo­ple con­nec­tions of the con­fer­ence). So far, we’ve just been blog­ging bud­dies, so it’ll be nice to actu­al­ly get to meet in per­son and hang out for a few days.

San Diego is also home to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo (obvi­ous­ly) and the San Diego Padres. I don’t real­ly care about Sea World since they don’t real­ly treat their ani­mals well, and I’m def­i­nite­ly not a Padres fan so I can skip see­ing them. They will be hav­ing fire­works after the game against the Giants so I should be able to see those from the house­boat. That sounds real­ly nice, actu­al­ly. San­gria, great com­pa­ny, beau­ti­ful weath­er, and fire­works.

No, what I real­ly, real­ly, real­ly want to go do is the Zoo!! I’ve heard it’s amaz­ing and I love spend­ing time look­ing at cute ani­mals. (Do they have otters? Because I think otters are my spir­it ani­mal.)

And, final­ly, I am your very typ­i­cal Mil­len­ni­al and I’m addict­ed to Poke­mon Go. I’m very much look­ing for­ward to catch­ing some new Poke­mon I haven’t seen yet, and what bet­ter place to do that then right on the water? I also want to go to the Zoo because I’m will­ing to bet there are a met­ric crap ton of stops in a small area and it’d be great to stock up on items like I did this week­end in Chica­go.

The Food

Name­ly, In-N-Out. Here in the Mid­west, we have to suf­fer with­out the delec­table del­i­ca­cy known as In-N-Out. Instead, we have Steak N Shake which, from my under­stand­ing, is nowhere near as awe­some as In-N-Out. My friends from the West Coast rave about it, and lit­er­al­ly every­one I know that’s had it tells me it’s a must do item when I vis­it. So… I’m going to get it. And I’ll prob­a­bly end up like Seth Rogan from This is the End where he ends his gluten cleanse because it’s so awe­some. Although appar­ent­ly I could get it as a let­tuce wrap.…… deci­sions, deci­sions.

I’ve also heard San Diego is great for Mex­i­can food being as it’s nar­row­ly not Mex­i­co, so I’m hop­ing I’ll get some authen­tic tasty bur­ri­tos or some­thing.

So there you have it: all the rea­sons I want to go to Fin­Con this year. I can’t wait!

Are you going? Why or why not? 

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16 thoughts on “Why I’m Going to FinCon 2016

  1. It’s great to go to con­fer­ences for you own enjoy­ment! I just went to Chef Conf on my own dime to grow and learn and had a won­der­ful time. You’ll have a blast, say hi to Nords for me!

  2. Steak N Shake is a mil­lion times more awe­some than In N Out. Steak N Shake is also soon to be com­ing to Cal­i­for­nia. I am stoked!

  3. Sad­ly I wasn’t able to attend last weekend’s Chica­go meet­up because I was on duty! My job (engi­neer at nuclear plant) requires me to be fit for duty (no alco­hol, be with­in 1 hour of the plant) one out of every 8 weeks in case I’m need­ed to respond to some­thing out­side of nor­mal work­ing hours. Maybe next time I’ll be able to attend!

    Enjoy your trip to SD! San Diego is where I grew up and I miss it now that I can only vis­it once a year or so. Def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend In-N-Out as well as Mex­i­can food. Look for fish tacos as it’s a local spe­cial­ty of San Diego and Baja Cal­i­for­nia.

  4. I did not sign up for fin­con because A.) not an excit­ing-to-me des­ti­na­tion (I can dri­ve to San Diego in a cou­ple hours) B.) I don’t enjoy large crowds and C.) I’m not real­ly in the ‘indus­try’. Do per­son­al finance blog­ging FANS attend this things, or just blog­gers? Hell, how many of us are there, “fans” who love read­ing this stuff and com­ment­ing, but don’t them­selves blog? I’d wager not a large num­ber.

    Of course, I do plan to enter the blog­ging space in the semi-near future, so, in bar­gain shop­ping fash­ion, maybe I’ll invest in the ear­ly bird pass next year.

  5. Mex­i­can food rec­om­men­da­tion: The adoba­da (and every­thing else) at Tacos El Gor­do (either loca­tion, though I like the Chu­la Vista one more). It’s a bit out of the way and in the hood, but it’s damn good.

  6. Very jeal­ous of you! I do not have the funds and think it is too ear­ly in my blog­ging career to attend but I have only heard fan­tas­tic stuff about it! I am hop­ing to go next year to meet fan­tas­tic peo­ple, learn a lot and enjoy the food/location. Have a great time and hope­ful­ly we will meet at one!

  7. Hi Gwen! I met you at the Chica­go meet­up. I’m the one who took the pic­ture! I told you I’d look up your blog! Look­ing for­ward to read­ing about your trav­els!

  8. Your excite­ment for the city I live in is my favorite thing :’) And the fact that you’re excit­ed for the San Diego Zoo makes me insane­ly hap­py! It’s the BEST. For the past year, my sis and I have had annu­al pass­es and it’s been so much fun. (I lit­er­al­ly go once a week, haha) My sis­ter now interns there so I can prob­a­bly hook you up with 50% if you want 🙂 and of course, I’m always down to go if you’re look­ing for a zoo enthu­si­ast to stare at the pan­da with you 😉 hahah. Can’t wait to meet you in per­son at Fin­Con next month! It’s my first con­fer­ence that I’m going to alone and I’m SO ner­vous, hah. I almost bought a tick­et for Alex just so I wouldn’t be alone LOL. I resist­ed the urge, but it feels nerve rack­ing so I’m glad to hear that you’ve had so many good expe­ri­ences 🙂

    • Wan­na go Wednes­day after­noon after I fly in and get the keys!?! There’s PANDAS at the Zoo!?! this is like the best news ever!

  9. I sec­ond every­thing you wrote. This will be my first FINCON but I have attend­ed the Chau­tauqua, TBEX, and FTU in past. I love con­nect­ing with peo­ple who have sim­i­lar pas­sions and goals and con­fer­ences are a great way to do that AND learn. I LOL’d at the part about not want­i­ng to be your boss’s boss’s boss with the big house and golf mem­ber­ship. True sto­ry. Also, I had no idea about the fire­works. So excit­ed!! See you soon!

  10. Hi! I am excit­ed for your trip to SD! Such a nice town. 🙂

    I am work­ing towards FI myself but am hav­ing a hard time meet­ing like-mind­ed indi­vid­u­als. I am not a blog­ger nor have I been to any retreats. Do you have any rec­om­men­da­tions? Or maybe I should start blog­ging myself?

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